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Assets for Unreal Engine

Crocoapps editorial

Crocoapps editorial

Reading time: 11 minutes

Assets for Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine is one of the popular game engines used to create game content. This engine is similar to Unity. But, nevertheless, some factors significantly distinguish it from the background of its competitor. For example, with the Unreal Engine, you will have much more options for the graphics of your content. If you dream of creating a top game with nex-gen graphics, then you have a direct path to Unreal Engine. In addition to graphical advantages, one can also highlight the pricing policy. Unity will give you a free version of the program, but it will cut some features. The Pro version will set you back $1,500 in a one-time payment, and the same amount for the iOS and Android modules for a total of $4,500. But you will get the full version of Unreal Engine for free until the profit from your game exceeds $3,000 per quarter. After overcoming this mark, you will have to share 5% of the income with the Unreal Engine company.

One thing closely links these two game engines. It is the assets for Unity and Unreal Engine that are shoulder to shoulder on the network's trading floors. Thanks to ready-made assets, you can assemble your game like a puzzle. You can understand this phrase in the truest sense of the word by using Blueprint. You don't have to write a single line of code - the asset will do everything for you. Therefore, if you are not strong in C ++, but in all your dreams you imagine creating gaming masterpieces, install the Blueprint asset and start creating. https://www.unrealengine.com/blog/animation-blueprints

Asset Store

Since we are talking about assets, it would be a sin not to pay attention to the official platforms of the engines. The asset store for Unity is much richer than the Unreal Engine Market. But, don't forget the graphic advantage. It is thanks to this that there are fewer assets for Unreal Engine, but they are much more beautifully drawn. We do not in any way infringe on Unity graphics, no. Terabytes of assets for Unity of varying quality are waiting to be used online. However, the nex-gen Unreal Engine is many times superior to its competitor.

When we talk about official markets, it immediately becomes clear that there is paid and free content. If you look at the official platform for assets for Unreal Engine, you can tell that they are posted by different graphic artists. Different packs of assets from the same artist have an identical visual appearance. For example, packs of inventory and weapon icons are sold separately, but are identical in design.

https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/ content-cat/assets/

Unreal Engine contains in its directory:

  • animations
  • plugins
  • materials
  • weapons
  • sound effects
  • visual effects
  • architectural renderings
  • textures
  • 2D assets
  • various free demo assets and more

The assortment of the market is enough to roam the most fastidious developer. But, if you want to have unique graphics in your game's arsenal that will not be repeated anywhere else, you will have to draw by hand. The disadvantages of developing on the Unreal Engine include the fact that free, but high-quality assets are quite difficult to find. They are in the official market, but there are much fewer of them than paid content.

Paid assets for Unreal Engine

Looking at the paid assets, it becomes clear what they require money for. Of course, each graphic element is worked out clearly and beautifully. In addition, you can think about how much time it would take to create models on your own, and understand that in this case, time is worth money. We have highlighted what we think are beautiful assets especially for you.

  1. Fighting Animset Pro - https://www.unrealengine.com /marketplace/fighting-animset-pro

This asset pack contains over 230 models of combat elements. Various jumps, strikes, hooks, knockouts, dodges, counterattacks and other details of the behavior of characters for fighting games that are perfectly executed for this engine.

  1. Water Materials -  https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/water-materials

The set contains a clearly drawn water texture. The pack combines models of a river, pool, ocean, waterfall and pixelated water in different variations.

  1. 400 Noise Texture — https://www .unrealengine.com/marketplace/400-noise-texture-mega-pack

Here you will find over 400 high resolution noise assets. Can be used for textures, effects and post effects, architectural renderings, graphic design, and more. Models are made in 2K.

  1. Futuristic Soldier - https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/ futuristic-soldier

Choose the body, face and appearance of your soldier, and boldly send him on the warpath. Well-designed models of fighters made in a futuristic design will not leave indifferent any fan of epic armed battles.

  1. Mountain Landscape— https://www.unrealengine. com/marketplace/devton-mountain-lake-landscape

This asset has a beautiful mountain landscape. It includes trees, bushes, stones, a river, vegetation and all other elements inherent in the nature of the mountain plains. The landscape is made in high quality.

Free assets for Unreal Engine

In addition to expensive paid assets, there are also many free ones. You can find them in the Unreal Engine fan communities on social networks or forums, as well as on individual sites. Epic Games also provides free access to their resources in the official market. Just log into your Epic Games account, and you will see a small number of free, but noteworthy assets.

  1. Open World Demo Collection - https://www. unrealengine.com/marketplace/open-world-demo-collection

A huge, and most importantly, free asset pack with textures and traced elements of the open world. This asset has its own minimum system requirements - 4GB of RAM for normal loading. What can I say if in this free set you get 138 virtual world textures and many other graphic elements. If there is enough RAM, we use it, friends.

  1. Infinity Blade: Effects - https://www.unrealengine. com/marketplace/infinity-blade-effects

Another large and free set that contains 300 different effect textures and over 400 materials for them. This is not the whole range that will delight you inside the pack.

  1. 3. Infinity Blade: Fire Lands - https://www.unrealengine. com/marketplace/infinity-blade-firelands

Probably the best free fireworld asset. An exciting location, from the look of which, it becomes hot. High quality, elaborate detailing - everything you like.

  1. Infinity Blade: Ice Lands - https://www .unrealengine.com/marketplace/infinity-blade-ice-lands

Winter location for your game world. Beautiful buildings, architectural renderings, textures, elements, models and more - that's it, the whole range of this asset pack. Winter is coming, friends.

  1. Infinity Blade: Plain Lands - https://www .unrealengine.com/marketplace/infinity-blade-plain-lands

A beautiful world for a game location. It will fit perfectly both in the location for fights in RPG, and the path along which the wanderer of distant lands got lost. Everything is beautifully drawn and clearly detailed.

Assets for Unreal Engine from third-party sources

There are not many free assets in the official store. Yes, they are worthy of attention and really well-made. But what to do if the cost of the desired asset exceeds several thousand? The answer is - forums, social. networks and third-party sites where artists and developers share assets for free with each other.

In social networks, in addition to paid assets, you can also communicate with other developers and learn something new for yourself. You can even gather your team and start developing a gaming masterpiece. We have found a community where artists, developers and everyone who cares share assets for Unreal Engine with each other.


Here you will find a lot of useful graphic assets, scripts, sound effects and other useful things for developing on the Unreal Engine. The community feed is constantly updated and updated with new free download files, which sometimes contain expensive paid assets from the official store.


This is a Russian-language forum for content developers on Unreal Engine. All materials on the site are available absolutely free of charge. Unfortunately, there is no such convenient search filter as in the official market. But, free access to resources makes you simply ignore such trifles.

Surfing through several pages of the forum, you will find various models, textures, elements, audio and video effects, character and animal sprites, architectural renderings and many other assets in high resolution. The number of resources for development is constantly replenished due to forum members who share their files. Definitely a useful site for an Unreal Engine developer.


The assortment of assets at this link will not be updated. Some of them may no longer be available for download. But, some can still be downloaded for free and used as you see fit. Both free assets from the official market and paid resources shared by an unknown well-wisher are waiting for you.

http://www.michalorzelek.com/blog/ category/free-content/

The blog of one of the developers of Unreal Engine, who shares his graphical creations for this engine. The assortment is small, but it is possible that you will like something and fit perfectly into your game plan. Assets are available in different qualities and applications.

Lastly, I would like to optimize you to develop better content. The Unreal Engine gives us incredible graphics capabilities. Think of the insane detail and animation of faces in Mass Effect 2 or the space pirouettes of the protagonist of Batman: Arkham Asylum. And even this is not all the features of the Unreal Engine. Experiment, try, take risks and create the best game content, friends!


Crocoapps editorial

Crocoapps editorial