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Affiliate program Crocoapps

A client asked you to develop a game, but that's not your direction?

Join the Crocoapps Partner Program and collaborate on favorable terms.

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We develop games and gaming applications



Among game development studios



We develop browser games



Development of AR/VR projects and quests

We love and know how to work with big clients



Employees and Projects

We have vast experience in the development of AR, VR games, desktop, browser, touch applications and mobile games.

If you have a request to develop a game, but this is not exactly your specificity

We are ready to implement any game development projects on favorable terms for both parties. Quickly and efficiently. Our works have won prizes in international competitions for many years in a row, which means that the most competent team in this field will work with your project.


Terms of the affiliate program

You can check with our manager by phone +1 (614) 348-7474, or send us an email info@crocoapps.com.

You can download the contract template here.

What do you get and why do you need it:


Cooperation with the gamedev market leader

Experience exchange

Mutual support in the Time and Materials format (outstaff)

Time saving

You do not waste time on a client briefing, we will do everything ourselves


You have a stable additional source of income

Bring a client and get a percentage of the transaction

In any of our areas: VR, AR, Unity, WEB, SEO, SMM, NFT games, Unreal Engine, Flutter, Vue.js, PHP.


How we work with partners

You contact us
with a request from a client for game development or gamification.

We discuss the format of interaction.

  • or you give us the client's contacts and we independently clarify all the details;
  • or we communicate with the client through you;
  • your option.

We approve the work plan and budget.

We make a detailed Gantt chart.

We sign an agreement with the client
and start work on the project.

From each planned payment of a client
you receive a partner bonus.

How to get into the Crocoapps Partner program

Fill out the form and the head of our affiliate program will contact you. You will arrange a meeting - face-to-face or online. If at the end of the meeting we are suitable for each other, we conclude a partnership agreement. Also, the conditions of the affiliate program can be clarified with our manager by phone or send a letter to us at info@crocoapps.com.