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Simulator Tele 2 Russia

Tele 2 Russia is a GSM cellular operator. The company is represented in 66 regions of the country, uniting more than 35 million subscribers, and is the 4th federal operator.

To promote the brand, as well as to increase profits, the development of the mobile game Tele2: Office began - a simulator of the sales office, in which the player can try himself in the place of company specialists, gain customer service skills and resolve conflict situations. And of course, to receive prizes and bonuses from Tele2.

Budget and timeline

9 months

$ 56,000

Main development goals:
  • Increase in average revenue per subscriber (ARPU)
  • Attract new subscribers and reduce churn
  • Improve Tele2 brand awareness among potential consumers
Рука со смартфоном

To achieve our goals, we plan to bring the game to the market using the Free-To-Play model. Those. distribution of the game and participation in it are free, but with paid content that allows you to speed up the passage of levels and complete missions, or open access to new features and capabilities.

The game Tele2:Office belongs to the genre of real-time strategy (RTS) - time management, management of the operator's sales office in a 2.5D isometric projection.

The main task of the player is to make a career, going from a simple employee of the Tele2 operator's sales office to the manager of the office network. Starting with performing simple tasks in the operator's mini-office, the player increases sales of equipment and services, serves visitors, learns to effectively manage and motivate staff, allocate resources and extinguish conflict situations.
Using good tactical and strategic decisions helps the player complete game tasks faster and get bonus points. The player can exchange the accumulated game points for real prizes in real Tele2 sales and service offices. Building the design and game interface of the levels is based on the completion of mini-missions and constantly poses the task of making decisions about how to complete this or that task.
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Gameplay is about managing staff and allocating resources to complete tasks and advance to the next game level.


The main resource is the visitor traffic that generates cash flow, but the conversion of traffic into income depends on many parameters:

  • Office Locations
  • Number of employees
  • Employee skills
  • The ability of an office administrator to quickly resolve conflict situations

The player can allocate resources to:

  • Training and motivation of employees
  • Hiring and training new employees
  • Conducting an advertising campaign
  • Conflict resolution
  • Choosing the most effective strategy will help the player complete the level challenge.

In addition, the player needs to monitor the presence of goods in the office - phones and accessories, because. the absence of any product reduces sales revenue.


After successfully passing the first level, the player changes location - now he is the head of the sales office in the shopping center. He already has 5-6 employees under his supervision, and he needs to flexibly manage the team, maintaining motivation, rewarding employees with bonuses and improving their professional skills. Here new dangers appear - conflicts in the team, which must be resolved in a timely and efficient manner by changing the composition of shifts and, possibly, dismissing conflict workers. At this level, visitor traffic is much denser and generates more revenue. But administration becomes more difficult - more types of goods need to be tracked in the warehouse, it is necessary to periodically conduct promotions - without them, traffic may decrease.

After reaching a certain amount of income, the player moves to the next level. Now he is the head of a large sales office. And here, in addition to sales, it is necessary to serve visitors by providing a variety of services: replacing SIM cards, connecting new services, setting up equipment and accepting applications for incorrect payments. Under the control of the player 10-12 employees. In addition to salespeople, there are service, technical and financial specialists. Each specialist requires attention, motivation and continuous improvement - advanced training. The player needs to flexibly manage the distribution of resources in order to achieve the required revenue indicators for the entire office. New dangers appear - conflict visitors making claims. If the conflict is not resolved in time, the traffic of visitors drops for a while, and the efficiency of the staff also decreases.

Location of Controls in Game Mode


Game space

The game space is a classic isometric projection with a slightly lower camera position to give a greater "presence effect".
Overlapping people simply overlap in the image.


Game monetization

The game currency is the ruble. In case of a lack of funds in the office cash desk, the player has the opportunity to purchase game currency. The mechanics of the game is designed in such a way that when completing tasks, the player almost always experiences a shortage of game currency.

By purchasing currency, the player can increase the conversion of visitor traffic, improve the skills of the staff, or order the necessary goods to the office warehouse. However, the purchase of game currency cannot cover the difference between the level of funds in the cashier and the amount required to complete the task of the level - only funds received through the cashier of the office go towards the completion of the task.

Customer feedback

❝ We express our gratitude to you and your team for the development of the mobile game Tele2: Office.

We wish you prosperity and well-being! ❞
Thank you! #
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