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What kind of work do we do

To increase traffic, increase the conversion rate and increase the company's profit, it is necessary to work with the site in a complex way.

When ordering SEO services from Crocoapps, you get.

As part of SEO promotion


Website analysis and building a promotion strategy.

We study the initial state of the resource, identify weaknesses and points of growth. We conduct a comprehensive audit of competitors. Based on the information received, we draw up a plan to bring landing pages to the first places in the search results for the necessary queries.


Technical optimization.

We check the html, css code of the pages, set up redirects. We speed up the download. Working with robots.txt, sitemap.xml files. We prescribe the correct url-addresses. Find and eliminate duplicate pages.


Internal optimization.

We select the semantic core and form the resource scheme based on it. We write structured and informative seo texts for landing pages, with the correct occurrence of keywords. We prescribe titles title, description. Optimizing images.


Usability improvement.

We are working on conversion elements - buttons, feedback forms, online chats, calculators. We simplify navigation within the resource. We improve commercial factors.


External optimization.

We place paid and shareware links on external sites to consolidate the result of the site promotion service. We pump over behavioral factors.

Benefits of promotion

In our agency


Convenient format of work.

We are ready to adapt to your schedule in order to improve your business together. The main office of the company is in Moscow, but many clients cooperate with us remotely.


The first successes are already in 2-3 months.

Due to the well-established project management scheme, we reduce the time for the appearance of the first significant results of our work. Specific terms depend on the theme of the site and the competitiveness of the niche.



It is safe to order seo from us. If the planned indicators are not achieved within the specified period, we continue to work for free until they are reached.


Monthly reporting with clear results.

We clearly stipulate the KPI of our work before the start of promotion and fulfill them throughout the cooperation.


Full team of specialists.

Our programmers, SEOs, designers, copywriters, marketers are working to improve your business performance. The project manager is responsible for organizing SEO website promotion.

Tariffs and prices

Choose the rate that best suits your goals.


Position promotion


We will bring the site to the TOP 10 according to a pre-agreed list of keywords.



Who will suit:

Corporate sites, small resources, government and financial companies.

Traffic promotion


We will increase the number of users visiting your site. The monthly payment for the service depends on the % of traffic growth.


From $415/month

Who will suit:

Information portals, aggregators, online stores.

Lead promotion


We will bring new customers to you through online channels. Monthly payment for site optimization depends on the % increase in conversion.


From $665/month

Who will suit:

Service websites, landing pages.

What results do we guarantee?

By contacting Crocoapps you get

KPI fulfillment

Competitive advantage
in the online environment

Quick responses to your
inquiries related to

Development of your business,
awareness raising

No technical
glitches on the site

Stages of work

We get acquainted with the project, conduct analytics.

We do technical, marketing and seo-audit.

We select the optimal tariff.

We conclude an agreement with the customer.

We make the necessary changes, carry out basic edits.

We analyze key performance indicators after the start of the promotion.

Adjusting the optimization strategy.

We continue to promote and promote the site, regularly reporting to the customer.


Question answer

  • Why seo and not contextual advertising?

    The two main differences between these online marketing tools are the speed and cost of generating leads. You can get your first clients via Google Adwords from the first day of the campaign launch. Seo requires more time to build up. But in the long run, organic leads are cheaper, especially in competitive niches. Therefore, ordering SEO is more profitable.

  • Why do we have to wait several months for results?

    There are several reasons for this. Firstly, at the start of the project, it takes time - on average 1-2 weeks - for analytics and strategy development. Secondly, indexing of changes by search engines does not happen immediately - especially if the resource has not been updated for a long time.

  • How is the promotion price determined?

    The final cost of SEO is influenced by different factors. For example, territorial - site promotion in New York is more expensive than in the regions. An important role is also played by the competitiveness of the niche and the initial state of the resource.

  • What information is required from me as a customer?

    The more data you provide, the better. But first of all, we need information about your external business processes - the terms of delivery and payment for goods, details of the provision of services, characteristics of goods.

  • What other services do you provide?

    In addition to seo website promotion, we offer smm, context, targeted advertising, ASO, branding. In addition, you can order a full cycle of website or mobile application development from us.


Application development application

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