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Crypto games - what is it?

It has long been possible to sell earned items, grown pets and collected collectible cards in games for local currency or real money. But NFT games bring two significant changes to this process.


After binding a cryptographic token to an object, the player becomes the owner of not just pixels, but a unique item with an assigned "serial number". The owner of the conditional virtual armor is given something like a certificate for it.


Cryptography is built into the gameplay. For example, in the CryptoKitties game, users breed kittens. Due to smart contracts that store the “genome” of animals, when crossing two pets of “parents”, you can get a crypto-kitten with a new original appearance.

Use of blockchain technology

Simply put, a blockchain is a chain of transaction records stored decentralized on different computers. NFT tokens are the "links" of such a chain. All of them are unique. Tokens cannot simply be exchanged for each other, as, for example, rubles. Due to this property, they can serve as identifiers of digital objects. Application development using blockchain technology is now available to everyone thanks to the open API of crypto exchanges. In games, NFT is used in the following ways:

Play-to-Earn - "play and earn". Users spend their time in the game getting in-game items and selling them for bitcoin or another cryptocurrency. The most famous example of an NFT game on PC and iOS phones, Android is Axie Infinity.

Collecting, or Pay-to-Earn. Virtual objects gain additional value by being linked to non-fungible tokens. Previously, rare cards with football players were sold at auctions for a lot of money, but now their digital counterparts are sold at the same high price on online marketplaces.

Sale of "mystery boxes". NFT items are sometimes sold at special sites in the form of a “surprise box”, when purchasing which the buyer does not know what kind of object he will get.

We develop games on the blockchain with earnings

If you want to launch an original project using current technologies, we offer mobile NFT games in Russian on the play-to-earn model. We not only think over game design and monetization technology, but also organize tokenomics, connect smart contacts. We work on WAX, AtomicHub, NeftyBlocks platforms.


We form a private and public strategy for NFT projects

To create multi-user applications with a wide audience, open blockchain networks are used. In them, each participant can view the transactions made in the chains. Wallet security is provided by cryptographic keys.

Game projects on the blockchain with private networks are rare. Confidentiality is usually required by organizations that do not plan to disclose information about financial transactions to outsiders.


We help to connect blockchain game tokens

It can be game items or characters, in-game money, territories on the map - anything. Thanks to smart contracts, we are unifying game elements and creating a fundamentally new monetization model based on cryptocurrencies. Transaction security is guaranteed.

Technologies we use



A popular game development engine based on the C# programming language. Suitable for most platforms - mobile and PC.



A special blockchain and a decentralized platform that allows you to create, store and transfer NFT tokens on its basis.


Unreal Engine

C++ based game engine for creating games with complex 3D graphics.


Adobe Photoshop

Used to draw 2D objects and characters.


3Ds Max

Program for 3D visualization of game objects and environment.


What kind of team is needed to develop a game?

Tokens are usually handled by specialists of at least Middle + level who understand specific programming languages. You can’t do without experienced designers who will take into account the specifics of the game and create the right atmosphere.

Our team


Gleb Rubtsov

Project Manager

Organizes the work of the team, communicates with the client.


Vladislav Tsebinog

Web designer

Creates the visual of the game, from prototypes to the final look.


Andrey Kalov

Vue.js programmer

Writes code, implements
smart contracts.


Igor Vakhtomin

QA tester

Catches “bugs” and errors
at the development stage.

The future belongs to NFT and blockchain

The leaders of the IT and technology industry - Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates - are betting on NFT. Gradually, non-fungible tokens are being introduced in other areas - finance, insurance, art. This is because with many advantages - security, decentralization, transparency - the blockchain has virtually no disadvantages.

Smart contracts

Operations in the blockchain are based on smart contracts - pieces of code that are triggered when certain conditions occur. They are responsible for the correct interaction of user accounts and the security of data transfer. By setting up smart contracts in NFT development, we guarantee the reliability and purity of the exchange of tokens.


AXIE infinity game

Create invincible Axis teams and defeat your enemies! Each Axie has unique strengths and weaknesses based on their genes. With billions of possible genetic combinations, the possibilities are truly endless! Fight the Chimera and earn rare treasures useful for upgrading your Axis army!

MIR 4 game

Designing graphics for Chapter 3 of MIR4 in 2021, we have created three playable locations, two characters and two sets of weapons. Working in a team, gained invaluable experience in the development of NFT games.


Binemon.io game

Play-to-earn RPG game. Users collect teams of pets to participate in PvE or PvP battles and get valuable resources for victories. Also, Binemon players can buy a piece of virtual land and build a house on it. All characters in the game are unique. Some of them have rare features and are highly valued in the market. Instances with a new, unique set of characteristics are obtained by crossing different NFTs.

Lost relics game

“Lost Religions” is a classic RPG with character leveling, quests and rare items. Players develop their skills, explore the surroundings of the city of Talmut in search of long-lost artifacts, protect local residents from monster attacks. The uniqueness of game objects is provided by NFT tokens.


Dragonary game

A project in which users can earn tokens by completing daily tasks and developing their dragons. You can start playing without investments by getting free characters. There is no transaction fee for in-game items. A unique feature of the game is the crafting of NFT objects. For example, several rare stones can be used to make one, rarer stone with special properties.


We will help to put on the stock exchange

Crocoapps specialists will "hush" the objects themselves and put them up for sale through special exchanges. You will receive WAX or EOS cryptocurrency to your wallet with every sale. The crypt is easily converted into dollars and rubles, and its rate is constantly growing. AtomicHub and NeftyBlocks are popular exchanges that are sure to have users willing to purchase your NFT game items or loot boxes.


Get a niche

Soon NFT will become commonplace. But today it is an advanced technology, the benefits of which have been appreciated by the most advanced developers. Join the innovators! Right now there is an opportunity to earn large sums on tokenized games and applications - the market is open and not crowded with competitors. At the same time, it is not scary if you do not understand the blockchain - we will solve all technical issues for you.


How much profit does an NFT game make?

How successful a game will be financially depends on:

  • originality of the idea, getting into current trends;
  • the course of the cryptocurrency in which the tokens are sold;
  • marketing activity at the start of the project.

With a successful combination of circumstances, the project can bring a profit many times higher than the development costs. The market capitalization of one of the most famous projects - Axie Infinity - exceeds $5 billion.


How long does it take to develop a crypto game?

An NFT-pegged game, on average, takes a month or two longer to develop than a standard non-token game. The specific timing is affected by the number of NFT objects, the presence of an auction between players, and other factors.

How much does it cost to create your own NFT game?

Applications using non-fungible tokens work through cryptocurrency exchanges. The WAX platform does not charge for the creation and sale of NFT objects, as it has its own wallet logic. When developing on AtomicHub and NeftyBlocks, you need to take into account the additional costs of the exchange commission.

On average, the cost of a crypto game on a phone or PC is 20-25% higher than usual. It increases due to more hours for the preparation of technical specifications and the work of a programmer. But high graphics for NFT games is usually not required, a simple style visual is created quickly.

The development of smart contracts is a separate item of expenses, and it amounts to about $5,000-$13,000.

Order the creation of an NFT game

By launching the use of NFT in your project, you can enter a new, virtually undeveloped market with high profitability. The rate of cryptocurrencies is growing every year, the interest of users in them does not cool down. Therefore, the development of a blockchain application for business is an actual service in our studio. To discuss the details - platform choice, monetization method, technology - contact the Crocoapps manager. We will take on a game fi project of any complexity, taking on the construction of the entire architecture and technical aspects.