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Technical support and site maintenance

Technical support is a set of measures aimed at ensuring the smooth operation of the site. It includes data backup, prompt recovery of the resource in case of technical problems, protection against hacks, viruses and intruder attacks.



To prevent attackers from hacking the site, security is configured. It includes installing a certificate that will protect the resource from DDoS attacks, viruses, and hide users' personal data.


Backups (storage of site backup files, databases)


Countering DDoS attacks, protection and treatment from malicious code


Restoring the database and files from backups

Hosting and domain

These are the basic tools without which it is impossible to create a website on the Internet. The domain is responsible for the name of the resource, and its main task is to direct users to the ip address of the server. Hosting stores all site data and provides tools for working with its internal system (scripts, database).


Hosting mail health monitoring


Site and server speed monitoring


Debugging mail settings on the domain (mailing, filters, forwarding)


Domain renewal date control, hosting, SSL certificate


Setting up a dedicated server (VPS, VDS) and hosting


Restoring site availability


Work with the support of a hosting provider, domain registrar and other services


Timely payment for hosting services, setting up access to hosting and admin panel for different categories of users


Increased hosting disk quota, mail space, server load



  • ✓ Changing the structure of the site, refinement - changes in the hierarchy of sections, their names, updating the site map.
  • ✓ Update, development, modification of modules, plug-ins, scripts - installation of professional tools and updating programs to the latest versions.
  • ✓ Correction of technical errors. If bugs and malfunctions are found, the technical specialist quickly eliminates them.
  • ✓ Transferring a site to another cms / domain - if it is impossible to fix technical errors on the current platform, when starting a rebranding or business consolidation.
  • ✓ Switching to HTTPS - installing a secure security protocol on the site to provide the resource with protection for the transfer of users' personal data.
  • ✓ Setting up page redirects - to eliminate duplicates, erroneous pages and for pages that have changed their location, redirects to actual pages are configured.
  • ✓ Correction/updating of robots.txt and sitemap.xml files - updating files in order to improve ranking by search engines, speed up crawling of the site by robots and for the convenience of users.
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The technical part of the site is necessarily being worked out. If this is a resource of a store or a commercial organization, then a payment page is configured and a calculator for calculating the cost of services is introduced.

For convenient search and registration of goods, filters by categories are created, a personal account is drawn up and the basket is finalized. To attract the attention of the buyer, a “Call to action” button (“call to action”) is placed.

For site owners, data upload and synchronization is configured. This is necessary for the interpretation of orders and their prompt processing. To make pages load quickly, YML and XML files are generated.


Technical settings

  • ✓ Setting up/transferring counters of metrics and webmasters of Google - allow you to collect data on user behavioral characteristics and technical errors on the site.
  • ✓ Setting Last-Modified headers on all pages of the site - is configured to notify search bots about changes that have occurred on the pages in order to save crawling budget.
  • ✓ Placing and modifying page navigation elements - creating, optimizing and customizing navigation buttons for user convenience.
  • ✓ Change, implementation of the layout / template on specific pages - to optimize some sections of the site with a parallel update of text and graphic content.
  • ✓ Page generation - the main goal is to publish new high-quality content that allows you to attract traffic for low-frequency queries, such as blogging.
  • ✓ Setting geolocation on the site - to simplify the search, the user is offered a response to a request for the location of the company with a geotag.


In order for visitors to linger on the site, study sections and place orders, an attractive visual is required. Blocks, controls, navigation and communication forms are being redesigned (a page for applications, a pop-up window with a messenger, etc.). For an advertising campaign, statistical, dynamic banners are created and templates for text blocks are made up.


Corporate mail


Creation, configuration of electronic mailboxes and their configuration


Creation / integration of Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram bots


Mailing list setup


Organization of restrictions on sending letters (spam quotas)


Adding comment functionality to posts


Implementation of links to accounts in social networks (Telegram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, etc.)



  • ✓ ensuring the indexing of the site in search engines
  • ✓ fix issues related to website visibility
  • ✓ making recommendations to Google Search Console
  • ✓ monitoring for the presence of a site in the blacklists of search engines
  • ✓ monitor the appearance of broken links and fix them
  • ✓ error control in Google webmaster
  • ✓ setting up a responsive mobile and adaptive version of the site
  • ✓ correction of errors in the adaptive layout of the site (HTML, CSS, DOM, JavaScript)
  • ✓ ensuring the correct display of the site in all browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, iOS and Android mobile device browsers)

Site information support services

Filling the site with quality content. Useful information attracts more users to the pages and is one of the main tools for promoting a resource in the TOP of the issue. The service includes: updating sections, publishing news, writing articles, posting photo and video materials.


Updating information on the site

If irrelevant or false information is published on the site, visitors will lose confidence in the site, which will lead to a drop in the credibility of the resource. Before placing materials, they are always checked and processed (the structure is built, metadata are put). All prices, promotional offers and banners are updated in a timely manner, and data on new products are added at the time of their announcement. Any changes in contact details and conditions of purchase are promptly made after receiving the information.

If necessary, content is published in the news section, video materials and images are uploaded.




Website technical support consulting


Customer technical consulting


Website information support consulting



Interim reporting


Monthly reporting


Weekly reporting


Website technical support rates

1 hour


10 hours


30 hours


50 hours


We provide different tariffs for technical support of the site. The price depends on the planned time for solving the tasks and is paid by the hour. You can check the progress of work through our crm system.

It records the actual time spent and displays screenshots of all processes. If you find it difficult to choose, leave a request, the manager will advise you and help you decide.

Stages of work

  • 8

    We provide a detailed report

  • 7

    We check the quality of the work performed

  • 6

    We inform about intermediate results

  • 5

    We solve the problem

  • 4

    We fix the price of site maintenance per month

  • 3

    We form the TOR and approve the deadlines

  • 2

    We set the task

  • 1

    Define the problem

Our advantages

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    We guarantee quality

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    We provide access to our own CRM system

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    We work with any CMS, even self-written

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    We allocate a separate team for each project

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    We compose the best technical specifications for website technical support services



Conclusion of a contract for website maintenance


Coordination of tasks, deadlines and costs


Registration of a personal account


Providing a detailed report


Doing work using the test server


How experienced are your developers and are there any restrictions on the complexity of implementing tasks?

Our staff consists of specialists with different skill levels. The entry-level staff is under the guidance of experienced staff. Most developers have hundreds of successful cases in their arsenal.

Does the complex support of the site include its promotion?

No. You can get advice on website promotion from Usability-specialist. The service is available on "Optimum" and "Premium" tariffs. Additionally, you can order "Usability audit" and "Optimization".

If your actions caused the site to break, how quickly will it be fixed and will it be free?

Such a situation is unlikely. Before implementing the changes, we check them on a test version and only then transfer them to the customer's website. If a failure occurs, we promptly fix the errors for free.

Will I have a personal manager for the duration of cooperation, who will represent my interests to programmers?

Oh sure. For any questions, please contact the project manager. He is responsible for the work of the team, sets tasks and provides reports to the customer.

How quickly are the tasks solved and what are the deadlines?

A contract is concluded with the client, in which the terms are prescribed. They depend on the amount of work. The maximum interval for consideration of the application is 5-6 hours. Critical issues are resolved immediately.

Do you need monthly technical support for websites or can you use the service one-time?

If further the client will independently deal with the elimination of all errors and the introduction of new elements, then you can use the service one-time.

Do you guarantee the secrecy of access to the site, hosting and corporate accounts transferred to you?

Before starting work, an additional agreement on non-disclosure of confidential information is concluded. We request access only to the test version of the site, we do not need the rest of the information.

Are you under contract?

All services are provided only under the contract. Any changes in the process of work are made to the contract and approved by the client's signature. The customer can be a natural or legal person.

Can I ask questions and get advice over the phone?

Of course, during business hours. You can interact with the manager in any way - by phone, mail or via instant messengers. Additionally, reports on the work done are sent to the client.

What benefits for business can bring the service for complex maintenance of sites?

Comprehensive support includes not only technical support of the site, but also the development of a development strategy and assistance in promotion. You will receive ready-made tools aimed at increasing the convenience of the resource, increasing its attendance, and as a result, increasing targeted traffic and company profits.

What CMS do we work with?

Technical support and maintenance of the site is carried out on any platform. We take into account the nuances of working with the engine and programming features. The price for the service does not depend on the type of CMS.


Website support guaranteed

Regardless of the chosen tariff, the total cost of maintaining the site is fixed for the entire period of work under the contract. Also, we provide a three-month warranty for all services. If you have any comments on completed tasks or you find an error, write to us and we will fix everything for free.

Order website technical support

If you want to order technical support for your website and find out the cost of the service, fill out the feedback form. Our employee will contact you, clarify the details of the project, calculate the estimate and draw up a work plan. You can choose a tariff depending on your budget and wishes. We will help with the choice and advise.

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