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of identity


Candy Bo&BON

Through the development of the brand identity, Bo & Bon's visual identity has taken the form of a vibrant and multicolored palette that is both diverse yet disciplined. Limited edition patterns have been applied to some packaging formats, such as the truffle box and assortment gift boxes, to make the line interesting and unexpectedly fun.

We provided them not only with a strong visual identity, but also packaging schemes and structural design details of a very specific and technical nature, which allowed them to produce their product line overseas in a short time frame (less than 2 months), with virtually no errors.

The end result was a visual identity that couldn't be ignored, helping them expand their product line without over-investing in packaging materials.


Packaging design

Branding and corporate identity are carried out with the expectation of the original design. For example, Niyama's main colors are black and orange. In addition to standard packaging bags, you can choose from several more options:

  • envelopes;
  • boxes;
  • gift paper.

Bright packaging attracts the attention of customers, so the logo placed on the product will serve as a good advertisement.


Identity design development

To make a concise design that will be remembered by users and will evoke strong associations with the company, you need to work out all the details. For the Japanese restaurant "Niyama" we have developed and improved the main elements of the identity:

  1. Font. The most common options are classic serif, sans serif and handwritten (imitation).
  2. The color scheme. In the case of Niyama, these are black and orange tones, but, for the convenience of users, the site can switch the interface to light beige shades.
  3. Geometry. The site is dominated by squares and rectangles.

Creation of packaging design for NOCCA GNOCCHI gluten-free products

Identity is, first of all, the visual component of the brand, for example, a corporate identity has been developed for NOCCA GNOCCHI. This is an American gluten-free company. The main mission is to create a healthy and tasty product at an affordable price. NOCCA GNOCCHI has been on the market since 1977, so it has already gained recognition and has its own target audience. The package was redesigned with preliminary preparation of 6 working layouts for different varieties of pasta. Everywhere the information on structure, volume and tastes is registered. The main colors remained the same - blue and red, the font, secondary shades and images on the packaging have changed.


Creation of a corporate identity

To increase the recognition of the company, a corporate identity is being developed. An excellent option would be the creation of souvenirs. We have developed stylistic paraphernalia for a line of ice cream, key chains and children's cosmetics commissioned by Masha and the Bear LLC:

  • selected color palette;
  • made icons of different styles and colors;
  • we developed patterns based on the brand book;
  • designed borders (design stripes);
  • prepared two thematic fonts;
  • we drew each character (Masha and the bear) in different poses and with different objects;
  • created more than two hundred graphic objects;

Creation of brand identity

For FoodBand, a sushi and pizza delivery company, we developed a new corporate identity and packaging identity to clearly distinguish them from competitors and highlight the product's merits.

Organizations that have not entered the market yet can be given a naming for a spectacular appearance. The name of the company should be sonorous, memorable and broadcast the main ideas. It can be easily registered and used as a domain name.


We provide a guarantee

You can order a brand's corporate identity, turnkey website development, creation of computer, browser games and applications for business from us. We provide a three-month warranty for all services. During this time, you can check the correctness of the work, make changes and comments and ask questions on the technical side.

Development cost

The price for development depends on many factors. You can create a corporate identity from scratch, or you can rebrand the old one, or add some details. To find out the price for your business, call us by phone or leave a request on the website. The manager will discuss all the details and ask questions about the project to prepare an estimate.

The cost of an identity in Moscow and in the regions can differ significantly. It depends on the:

  • company reputation;
  • number of employees;
  • operating expenses;
  • rented premises, etc.