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VR Technologies We Use to Enhance Your VR Experience

VR development is responsible for bringing cutting-edge technology to the industry. Depending on the type of application and its purpose, different devices are used. These range from advanced software development tools designed to streamline the creation process to platforms like Unity's, which empower developers to build immersive experiences across various VR devices.

  1. 3D displays.
  2. Virtual reality helmet.
  3. Acoustic system.
  4. Tactile simulation.
  5. Retinal monitor.
  6. Virtual gloves.
  7. Direct connection to the nervous system.

Scope of vr projects

Virtual reality (VR) is not only utilized in entertainment but also extensively adopted across various domains. Creating VR projects entails a comprehensive process, considering factors such as the scale of the business and industry-specific nuances. The application of this technology extends to almost any sector; it's just a matter of accurately determining the cost of the digital product and the implementation timeline.

Through VR development, you can deliver applications that offer users a complete spectrum of emotions, providing them with a sense of complete immersion in the virtual environment. This technology opens doors to mixed reality experiences (XR), allowing users to interact with virtual elements in their real-world surroundings, thereby enhancing engagement and innovation in numerous industries.

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Business application development

Virtual reality is rapidly emerging as an innovative tool for enhancing staff communication. The development of VR applications is increasingly popular, offering immersive experiences for business conferences and presentations. With VR experiences becoming more accessible, integrating popular VR technology into corporate settings can revolutionize how teams collaborate and engage, for example:

  1. DREAM. Simple interface and visual: cave and stone table. Suitable for meetings up to six people.
  2. MeetinVR. Supports offline helmets. Four rooms: for meetings, creativity, performances and conversation.
  3. Glue. Users create content, share it, and model the space.
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Game development

Today, the demand for VR games development is soaring. Virtual reality games find extensive applications in various simulators, including air, car, sports, and extreme rides. For instance, players can experience genuine sensations of skydiving, piloting aircraft, or racing cars, all without risking their lives. This immersive experience is made possible through technologies like SteamVR, VR headsets, such as Oculus Rift, and others, revolutionizing the way we interact with virtual environments.


Development of complex VR quests

One of the primary challenges in crafting a VR game lies in scripting, as virtual reality game mechanics come with their own unique intricacies. To ensure that the quest doesn't feel devoid of substance and excitement, meticulous attention is paid to crafting a rich environment with an abundance of interactive elements. This demands expertise and collaboration from development teams experienced in crafting experiences specifically tailored for VR. These elements are essential for making a VR game engaging and immersive, ensuring that it captivates players and keeps them immersed in the virtual world.

Our team has created a VR quest “Gagarin Rescue” commissioned by the presidential administration. We used:

  • Unity3D game engine;
  • VR helmet plugins;
  • Photoshop/Substance Painter for creating game elements;
  • Git/Bitbacket version control system.

Features of development for VR

VR development is carried out by experienced specialists in their field. And in order to get a high-quality digital product, the customer is required to:

  1. Set a clear goal.
  2. Define goals and deadlines.
  3. Select hardware, device, and programming language.
  4. Indicate an acceptable cost.

We offer the following options for choosing a game engine and software:

  • google cardboard;
  • homido vr;
  • htc vive;
  • fibrum pro;
  • sony playstation vr;
  • samsung gear vr.

Tools and frameworks for VR:

  1. Unreal Engine 4
  2. CryEngine
  3. React 360
  4. Unity

Full immersion in virtual reality


Quests in virtual reality elevate the level of immersion for users, plunging them into gameplay through sensory perception. Players interact beyond mere screen engagement, experiencing a profound sense of presence and connectivity with the virtual world.

An exemplary case from our portfolio is the multiplayer VR quest “Psycho” in St. Petersburg. This game epitomizes hyperreality, eliminating wires and controllers for a seamless experience.

To commission the development of a VR quest tailored to your needs, simply submit a request through our feedback form. Our manager will guide you through the process, discussing all the details, including costs.

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VR attractions for children and parents

Virtual Reality has revolutionized the entertainment industry, marking the first VR experiences accessible to the masses. Within shopping centers, VR attractions have become a prominent feature, captivating visitors of all ages. These immersive experiences are not only popular with families but also serve as a novel form of entertainment within the VR industry. Through team competitions and interactive adventures, parents and children alike engage in quality time together, fostering stronger family bonds. VR technology isn't just used for VR attractions; it's reshaping how families create lasting memories and enjoy shared experiences.

Virtual reality attractions are one way to promote your business. Allows:

  • promote a company and a new product;
  • attract additional customers;
  • increase audience loyalty and recognition.
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Development of VR shooters

A shooter is a genre of computer game where the main task is to eliminate opponents using weapons, often enjoyed for team entertainment. VR technology enhances user perception, offering immersive experiences.

The "Time Machine" quest was developed by order of a Novosibirsk company, incorporating VR software development tools. The goal is to combat the zombie horde, with two modes available: battling NPCs or other participants. Starting at $5,500, the price for developing such a project reflects its complexity and quality. Leave an online application, and our manager will provide a detailed cost estimate. Unity supports the development of immersive experiences like this, ensuring seamless integration of VR elements.

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Development of virtual reality simulators

This type of development is especially relevant for areas such as:

  • medicine;
  • air transportation;
  • railway message;
  • ministry of emergency situations;
  • military.

VR simulators contribute to a more productive assimilation of the material. Surgeons are trained in complex operations using special gloves and goggles. And in aviation, simulators are used for commercial airline pilots. Imitation occurs through a hardware-software complex with a direct relationship with the human sensory apparatus. The price of such applications varies from the complexity of the task and the technical capabilities of the engines.

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Digital reality in industry

The development of custom vr applications is used in various industrial areas:

  1. Automotive.
  • crash tests;
  • node layout;
  • creating interior ergonomics.
  1. Shipbuilding.
  • wiring definition;
  • analysis of installation work;
  • virtual layout of rooms.
  1. Geophysical industry.
  • field and well modeling;
  • development of mineral deposits.


Virtual reality development is actively used in the construction of buildings and structures. For example, architects can visualize an object that has not yet been built to visually present the stages of work and the expected result to customers; design engineers with the help of vr develop ideal design solutions for laying networks and communications; designers embody ideas in interior decoration and furnishings.

Virtual tours in new buildings are very popular, they increase real estate sales by 2 times. Clients can calmly “walk” through the rooms, estimate the situation, go out to the balcony, appreciate the view from the window, etc..


VR prices


Single project

Creating a simple application without scripting:

The service includes full technical support and promotion assistance.

From $120,000

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Multiplayer project

Development of online quests, shooters and vr racing. It is performed using several tools to create hyperreality.

The service includes full technical support, script creation, detailed study of all elements.

From $33,000


Arenas and quests

Projects of high complexity. The work uses modern tools for integration with the latest vr-devices (machines, sensors). The service includes a detailed study of the script, rendering of all elements and the use of direct touch connection technology.

From $50,000


VR development simplifies business

Our VR company opens up new business opportunities. We are ready to help you:

  1. Move complex instructions to interactive learning.
  2. Create a virtual model of large objects.
  3. Standardize testing conditions for personnel.
  4. Promote a good product or service.
  5. Get more attention to the product with a non-standard approach in advertising.

Development cost

According to experts, the development of mobile vr applications and games will soon become a steady trend in the gamification of business processes. In the meantime, VR is at the development stage, and there is still low competition in the industries. We can order the development of vr and ar applications of any level of complexity. To calculate the cost of developing a VR application and discuss the terms of cooperation - call us or leave your contacts in the feedback form.

  • Business applications for iOS, Android, 1C, Windows, Mac and Linux. Implementation of any architecture.

  • Any complexity and technical stuffing. Any functionality.

  • Warranty and support, consultations, testing, implementation of analytics.

Virtual reality technologies


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