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Promotion algorithm on iOS and Android

First of all, games are optimized on the most popular markets - google play and app store.

App Store:

  1. The number of installs to get into the TOP-1 by request is estimated.
  2. User activity on the company page is determined.
  3. The dynamics of user interaction is analyzed.
  4. It is filled in proportion to the frequency or double the number of installations.
  5. Low-frequency queries are pumped.

Google Pay buys 15% of installs and gradually increases to 35%.


We collect motivated traffic

In addition to ASO optimization on iOS and Android, an influx of the first visitors is ensured. Motivated traffic is users who download an app in exchange for a reward. Collected through special services. With his help:

  1. There is a quick output to the TOP.
  2. Positions are strengthening.
  3. The level of interaction increases.
  4. Improves keyword rankings.

Encouragement methods:

  • get game currency;
  • opening additional levels;
  • receiving real money;
  • acceleration of character leveling.

Promoting the app on social media

To reach more users, online promotion of applications through social networks is used. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube.

  1. Communities are determined for placement by:
  • subject;
  • age;
  • for the interests of the target audience;
  • terms of cooperation (barter, payment).
  1. Create your own group or profile.
  2. Provides the ability to share the application and log in with social networks.
  3. Notifications from friends are integrated.

We promote through Google Play ADS and App Store ASA

Promotion of applications in the TOP is carried out using market platforms. Ads appear in the "Similar Apps" and "You May Like" sections. The description is taken from the metadata.

To achieve the effect:

  1. Create a catchy title using the key.
  2. Write a detailed description of the product.
  3. Promo video for the release is posted.
  4. Screenshots from the application are attached for better visualization.
  5. A corporate icon is being developed.

We collect traffic through the site

To attract traffic, seo promotion of applications is used: a site is created (landing, informational) or an existing one is updated. Held:

  1. External optimization (link building).
  2. Internal optimization:
  • target audience is defined;
  • the semantic core is compiled;
  • server errors are detected and fixed;
  • text and graphic content is optimized.

The work uses App Indexing technology. It links websites to mobile apps and is available for iOS and Android.


Promoting games on Steam

In the entertainment field, games are being promoted through steam. This is one of the largest platforms for placement and purchase. The main promotion activities are carried out:

  1. Game localization.
  2. Organization of promotional activities.
  3. Optimization of marketing processes (profile design, tag selection, description writing and content filling).
  4. Working with the community.
  5. Applying for events and preparing all necessary materials.
  6. Performing tests.

We collect traffic through offline advertising

The promotion of android and ios applications takes place not only inside, but also outside the Internet:

  1. Search for venues and receive invitations to developer shows.
  2. Design for billboards, banners, posters and flyers.
  3. Publications in magazines and other printed publications.
  4. Carrying out an advertising campaign on TV.

We analyze the effectiveness of promotion channels

To achieve the effect, an ASO optimization strategy is drawn up before work. After the launch of advertising, the effectiveness of promotion channels is analyzed:

  1. Clicks.
  2. Price per install.
  3. Average revenue per user.
  4. User churn rate.
  5. Conversion.
  6. Number of downloads and their growth.

If any of the indicators decreases, the cause and channel of promotion are clarified. After that, optimization is carried out or work with the source is stopped.








Music Streaming

CR to install

from 10.5% to 18%

Organics per month

from 194 to 8559 (x44)


Professional app promotion

The Crocoapps company is engaged in the creation and promotion of applications in Google, Yandex and other popular sites. We will bring the product to the TOP in the App Store and Play Market, we will help to increase the number of downloads, the popularity of the application and the brand. We analyze the market, agree on cooperation with large and trusted advertisers, use as many sources as possible for effective promotion.

Leave a request on the site. The manager will consult you and answer all questions before concluding the contract.

ASO service cost

The price for promoting mobile applications depends on:

  1. Industries of business.
  2. Set goals and objectives.
  3. TK specifics.
  4. Scope of work.
  5. Level of competition.

You can calculate the cost during a personal meeting in the office, or remotely online after drawing up an application and discussing all the details.

ASO optimization technologies


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