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  • Project's budget

    $ 27,692

  • Project development time

    6 months

  • Year of development

    2019 year

Goals and objectives of the project

  • Task

    To create a tool that will help teachers to effectively transfer knowledge, combining the traditional approach with innovation.

  • Task

    Motivate students to study English on their own. Implement exciting game mechanics.

  • Task

    Ensure comfortable interaction between the parties of the educational process. Develop a striking design with UX in mind.

Introduction to the company

"Into Knowledge" is an educational platform designed for teachers and students who are learning foreign languages.

The Crocoapps.com team has developed an English-teaching website and application. Now schoolchildren will be able to memorize words in a playful way, and teachers will be able to adapt boring methods to the interests of students.


What is Knowledge?

Mobile app

A mobile application for Android and iOS operating systems made the VKnowledge platform available anytime and anywhere. Now students can do their homework wherever they are. Teachers, in turn, will monitor the progress of the wards 24/7. The efficiency of training will increase significantly!

The application that teaches English gives the platform "To Knowledge" a powerful vector of development. Regular updates will expand the functionality, adjust the education process to modern realities, quickly and competently respond to the needs of the target audience. All this lays a solid foundation for the company "V knowledge".



The presence of adaptive layout is an integral part of the development of an educational site. Content is displayed on any screens and in any browsers, which increases user comfort.


mini games

For a more effective result in studies, the tests are presented in the form of mini-games. Such games as Snake, Scramble, Find a Pair were used as a basis.

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Video instruction for the Knowledge platform

Is the app synced with the site?

Yes, they have a common database and server, one API. One administrative panel. It's convenient - to manage all parts of the project from one interface.

What technology stack?

The site is written in React + Laravel, now we would choose vue.js - it is easier to extend, scale, and the development speed is higher. The mobile application is written in React Native. But Unity or native Kotlin/Swift would be fine too. From the difficult - to implement mini-games on React Native. It took some effort, but we did it.


Customer feedback

We thank the Crocoapps team for developing the Knowledge mobile application and developing the educational platform. Separately, I want to thank Pavel Yakhontnov and Bogdan Gutenev for their special contribution to the development of our project.

The composition of the project team

  • Udovenko Daria

    Udovenko Daria

    Project manager

  • Zabolotnaya Anna

    Zabolotnaya Anna

    UX/UI designer

  • Pavel Salnikov

    Pavel Salnikov

    Game designer

  • Denis Bogatyrchuk

    Denis Bogatyrchuk

    React native developer

  • Bohdan Gutenev

    Bohdan Gutenev

    PHP developer

  • Saveliev Vladislav

    Saveliev Vladislav

    PHP developer

  • Bulah Vadim

    Bulah Vadim

    Java Script developer

  • Shimanskaya Ekaterina

    Shimanskaya Ekaterina