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Where to look for programmers

Crocoapps editorial

Crocoapps editorial

Reading time: 2 minutes

A good programmer is worth its weight in gold! He knows how to solve complex technical problems and does it perfectly. But in the beginning, the main questions are not technical. Where can you find that very good programmer?

The number of places where programmers are located is not too small, we list the main ones:

  1. Industry Events

IT events are different. For example, meetings. They are usually tied to a specific programming language. There are other meetings, for example, to jointly solve a certain problem in the field of software development - these are hackathons, or programming marathons.

  1. Professional networks

You should pay special attention to industry networks and communities. But, unfortunately, not everyone knows about them. Programmers like to get a profile on GitHub or StackOverflow. Register and get in touch with the programmer, you have already learned something about him from his profile and you can safely write directly.

Not every programmer is ready to show an example of his code, often the code is the property of the employer. But some programmers in their free time solve problems that they set for themselves. This means that the programmer is passionate about his work and improving his skills.

  1. Social networks

Working with various social networks also brings results. For example, one of the ways to find a programmer is by hashtags. On social networks, you can also join special groups and communities.

  1. Personal Sites

Some programmers start their own personal website. Of course, this does not mean professional skills, but it will simplify the collection of information about the candidate and the first contact.

Targeted search, network surfing and social networks will help you find personal websites of programmers.

A good programmer costs money!

He won't work for food. Good programmers always have a choice and other “interesting projects”.


Crocoapps editorial

Crocoapps editorial