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Overview on Hiper VR

Hiper VR: review of virtual reality glasses, features of the line and comparison of models

Crocoapps editorial

Crocoapps editorial

Reading time: 11 minutes

Virtual reality is a great opportunity "here and now" to move from the real world to the virtual world. All sorts of gadgets like goggles and helmets allow you to set the right atmosphere, experience special emotions and get the most out of playing or exploring another reality. Interest in VR is either rapidly rising or falling. Only the continuous improvement of technology remains unchanged.

Hiper VR - glasses worthy of attention


VR glasses are one of the few ways to immerse yourself in parallel worlds and it is not surprising that more and more competing brands are appearing in this segment, offering gadgets for every taste and budget. HTC, Sony, Oculus, Samsung - this is just a small list of companies that carry out developments in this direction and tirelessly delight fans with new models. The only “but” in this whole process is the high cost and inaccessibility for the general consumer.

Hiper is a corporation that has gone a step further and introduced a line of virtual reality glasses available to the masses. The cost of gadgets varies from 1190 to 2990 rubles. Surprisingly, the “affordability” of Hiper VR models is not a sign of their limited abilities.

For little money, the company comes from the UK, offers a wide range of opportunities and good quality, and each representative of the line deserves attention.

Hiper VRR - the most budget model

Stylish and ergonomic design, secure fastening, focal length adjustment and pleasant leatherette inserts are not all the advantages of these glasses. A secure holder is provided here for attaching the phone, and special holes are provided for releasing the charging cord. The glasses are fixed on the head with elastic, adjustable straps, have a lining on the back of the head and inserts of pleasant material where the headset comes into contact with the face.

Adjustment of the focal length is carried out by a special wheel on the top panel. The glasses have a viewing angle of 110 degrees, are compatible with IOS and Android operating systems, and weigh only 242 g.

The only drawback, according to users, is the penetration of light during the session into the "virtual world" light penetrates from the outside. Otherwise, Hiper VRR are more than comfortable: the picture does not ripple, they are fixed well, after the “immersion” sessions there is no feeling of fatigue or discomfort.

Hiper VRX is a worthy representative of the line


Hiper VRX - glasses, the high quality of which is literally felt as soon as you take them in your hands. Key distinguishing features: magnetic button for control, adjustment of the distance from the lenses to the eyes. As for the design, it is almost standard. For fastening, three elastic straps are used, the nape lining allows you to reduce pressure on the bridge of the nose, and foam rubber sheathed with fabric adjoins the face. All this ensures a high level of comfort when using.

A convenient compartment with a silicone pad and a hinged lid has been implemented for installing a smartphone. On the top panel there are levers that allow you to control without removing the phone. For the same purpose, there is a magnetic button on the left panel. However, users themselves note that its functionality and usefulness is in doubt. The reason is simple, not all games and applications support and need such control.

Other features: weight 360g, compatible with popular operating systems, adjustable focus and interpupillary distance. The lens diameter in this model is 42 mm.

We should also mention the free two-week subscription of Fibrum Premium Club. There is a lot of content here, and in 14 days you can try and choose the one that best suits the user's personal preferences.

Hiper VRX glasses are not without drawbacks. According to users, they are as follows:

  • hard lining;
  • light penetration;
  • Inconvenient phone mount.

In justification, let's say that such shortcomings practically do not affect the game process. The picture remains clear, the possibilities are wide, the immersion in virtual reality is maximum.

Hiper VRM - an impeccable combination of quality and price


These Hiper VR goggles are renowned for their build quality and feature set found in more expensive models. It has a comfortable body shape, soft leather ear cushions, adjustable elastic straps. There is the possibility of adjusting the interpupillary distance and focus. Other features:

  • support for two operating systems (IOS and Android);
  • weight 370 g;
  • compatible with smartphones 3-6 inches (included is a foam insert for fixing phones with a small diagonal);
  • Lens diameter 42 mm

The peculiarity of the model is two color schemes, black and white glasses. In the package there are only glasses, foam protection, instructions in two languages, a cloth for cleaning lenses, dry and wet wipes.

Of the shortcomings, an uncomfortable notch under the nose and flimsy fasteners are noted.

Hiper VRW - glasses with infrared coated lenses


This model has standard equipment and design typical for the company's lineup. There is also a special niche for a smartphone, the same head restraints and soft face inserts.

Hiper VRW fits perfectly with any smartphone with a diagonal of 3 to 6 inches. To adjust the focal length and the distance between the pupils, as well as for control, there are levers and wheels on the top panel.

There is no need to make complicated settings to start using VR glasses. In this case, you will have to install the Google Cardboard utility with a lot of virtual reality content.

The only distinguishing feature from other devices of the brand is the UV coating of the lenses. According to the manufacturer, it allows you to reduce eye strain and make viewing content more comfortable. The users themselves claim that there is not much difference.

Hiper VRQ - stylish virtual reality glasses with excellent functionality

Hiper VRQ virtual reality glasses are a combination of all the advantages of previous models and the absence of past disadvantages. First of all, the design of the model attracts. Here are soft and smooth lines that clearly follow the contour of the face, durable, attractive matte plastic, no gaps for light penetration.

Acrylic aspherical lenses, present in this model, and a large viewing angle, up to 110 degrees, make viewing content as comfortable as possible, creating a feeling of complete immersion.

Hiper VRQ virtual glasses specifications

The key distinguishing characteristic is a special joystick remote control included. Its connection is via bluetooth, and control with the controller is simplified at times. Another benefit is a monthly subscription to the Fibrum Premium Club.


Virtual reality glasses do not have their own "stuffing". It is for this reason that the quality of the image, the transmitted atmosphere, the depth of immersion in what is happening is predetermined by the capabilities of the smartphone itself. The larger the display and its resolution, the better and more realistic the picture displayed on the screen will be.

All five models are compatible with IOS and Android platforms, and, accordingly, applications for gadgets are available in the Google Play Store and the App Store.

The goggles come with a free 14-day subscription to Fibrum applications, then an annual subscription can be purchased at half price.

The principle of launching applications is simple:

  1. There are 28 applications for the corresponding search query "Fibrum" - any one is selected and downloaded.
  2. Registration on the Fibrum.net website. Linking a smartphone to your account and entering a promo code that comes with virtual reality glasses.
  3. Two weeks (14 calendar days) you can use the application for free, then you can buy a monthly or annual subscription. Discount on the latter, as we said earlier, 50% of the cost.

All 28 Fibrum applications are selected in such a way that each user can choose what will suit his taste. Available here: uncomplicated rides like roller coasters; exciting games like Zombie Shooter VR or Space Stalker VR; “walking applications” in exotic places of the world; virtual cinema.

Fibrum Apps

It is worth noting that "heavy games" on budget models of Hiper VR cannot be presented in all their glory with the depth that is available on Sony or HTC devices. But as for photos, videos, panoramic views - in this case everything is presented more than worthy.


The Hiper range is available with lenses from 34mm to 42mm in diameter and various viewing angles. This is more than enough to get a high-quality picture, but at the same time, it will not work to get rid of the feeling of peeping through the “window”. The visibility of the borders of the image is present in all Hiper VR glasses.

In all models, the function of adjusting the focal length, and in some of the interpupillary space, is implemented. It will not be difficult to customize the gadget to the features of your vision.

We should also mention the depth of development of Fibrum applications. Unfortunately, rather primitive effects are implemented here, there are angular shapes and insufficiently detailed graphics. However, time passes, the Hiper Corporation does not stand still, and therefore these shortcomings will very likely be eliminated very soon.



Hiper VR is a virtual reality glasses presented by a fairly young but rapidly developing company from the UK. The key feature of all five models of the series is low cost.

The price in the range of 1-3 thousand rubles makes gadgets more than affordable for the average consumer. At the same time, the quality of parts, elaboration of nodes and control capabilities remain at their best.

Hiper gadgets do not have their own stuffing, but a free 14-day subscription to the VR applications catalog is available. This is more than enough time to try all the applications and choose your own.

As for the quality of the image and the degree of immersion in the virtual world, it all depends on the capabilities of the smartphone itself. In fairness, it is worth saying that the applications for glasses are quite “weak”. There is no talk of “heavy” games at all, but with simpler tasks, such as viewing 360-degree photos, videos or panoramic views, all models cope with a bang.

Thus, Hiper VR glasses are a great opportunity to touch the world of virtual reality, to be transported to some iconic places. But for gamers who are serious about immersion in the gameplay, devices in this price segment, unfortunately, will not work.


Crocoapps editorial

Crocoapps editorial