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Baden-Baden from Yandex

Instructions for exiting the Baden-Baden filter

Crocoapps editorial

Crocoapps editorial

Reading time: 7 minutes

Baden-Baden is a text filter created by Yandex in 2017.

This algorithm is designed to detect overoptimized texts. Its action extends to the sites of Russia and the CIS. The filter is applied by the system for commercial search queries.

What is the essence of the filter

The main goal of the algorithm is to fight against SEO texts.

What is the essence of the text filter “Baden-Baden”

The following may be subject to Yandex sanctions:

  1. Poorly structured long texts.
  2. Articles with a lot of spelling, punctuation and grammar errors.
  3. Texts that do not carry a semantic load. The purpose of their creation is the visibility of filling with a set of keys to attract users.
  4. Reoptimized. SEO texts with multiple keywords that are difficult to read.
  5. Partially or completely hidden from the user. Placed using scrolling and switching tabs.

Signs of textual sanctions

It is possible to understand that a site has fallen under the Baden-Baden algorithm by certain signs. They depend on the type of applied filter:

  1. A host filter. With this filter, the entire site is subject to sanctions. To check, you need to go to the Yandex.Webmaster panel in the "Diagnostics" - "Security and violations" section. If sanctions are imposed on the site, a message will appear stating that text re-optimization has been detected. You can correct all errors, after which a re-check will occur. If Baden-Baden considers the corrections correct, a message will appear in the section: “No threats or violations were found on the site.”
How to check a site for the Yandex baden baden filter
  1. Page filter. A certain page falls under the sanction. In this case, it is possible to understand that the resource is partially under the influence of the algorithm only when monitoring the positions of pages in search results and in analytics systems from search engines. The main signs are a sharp drop in positions and traffic.

Algorithm for exiting the filter

Any site is not interested in sanctions from the search engine, but if this still happened, then you need to quickly eliminate all errors in order to get out of the filter as soon as possible. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Find out the reason for the sanctions. For example, it may be the presence of spam articles. You can find this out yourself by checking the pages, or through the Yandex.Webmaster panel.
  2. Edit the text of the article. After finding out the reason, you need to start editing the spammed article. Basic requirements for the text: it should be interesting, understandable and respond to user requests. It is best to check the material for the main indicators:
  • water content (words that do not carry a semantic load);
  • nausea (presence of frequently repeated words).

If the numbers are high, you need to work to reduce them, for example, use synonyms, lists, add infographics and facts.

  1. Reduce the amount of material. If it is not possible to edit the text, the best solution is to delete it.
  2. Work out the structure. Arrange the content, add headings and subheadings, break the text into paragraphs and dilute it with lists.
  3. Achieve fast reindexing. After correcting errors, Yandex starts checking and, if everything is correct, removes the filter. This process usually takes a month. If the exact reasons for falling under the algorithm are unknown, you can request information from Yandex support.
Remove post text filter in Yandex

How not to fall under the “Baden-Baden” filter in the future

In order not to fall under the Yandex search engine filter, you must follow a few rules:

  1. Write texts without grammatical and punctuation errors.
  2. Don't use too many keywords. It is best to replace them with synonyms. Use not only high-frequency queries, but mid- and low-frequency ones.
  3. All submissions must be checked for plagiarism, nausea, and water content before publication. Verification is carried out using special services, such as text.ru or be1.
  4. Use strong and italic tags for their intended purpose, not to further emphasize search phrases.
  5. Use LSI copywriting tools in your work. This is a method of creating texts for the user, taking into account the current requirements of search engines. Synonyms relevant to the main query are analyzed and selected. Copywriting can be:
  • synonymous (synonymous words of the main query are selected for the text);
  • relevant (context that should complement and thematically support the main key).
How not to fall under the Yandex text filter
  1. Don't add too many images that are not related to the topic of the article and do not carry any value.
  2. Properly write meta tags. Keys must be used correctly in them.
  3. Do not write numbers in words and do not add them to the beginning of sentences.
  4. Analyze the text content of competitor websites.
  5. Add structured text to improve the visual perception of the content (divided into paragraphs, with bulleted lists).

To fall under the Baden-Baden filter is to lower your position in the search results, which means losing the site's rating and user interest in the resource. To prevent this from happening, it is important to closely monitor the quality of the content on the site and quickly fix errors.


Crocoapps editorial

Crocoapps editorial