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How to create a sales text?

Crocoapps editorial

Crocoapps editorial

Reading time: 11 minutes

Before purchasing a product, the user conducts a market analysis: compares prices, reads reviews, studies characteristics.

Due to the high competition, it is necessary that the client wants to buy a product on a specific site and does not go to competitors. This will help the correct presentation, that is, a well-written selling text using key queries from users.

How to write sales copy

What is a sales text?

Selling text is a text aimed at motivating users to purchase a particular product or service. It describes all the advantages of the product, works out objections, uses triggers and pains of buyers.

To create it:

  1. Analysis of the target audience is underway.
  2. The structure is being compiled.
  3. Select style and presentation.
  4. Formulas are applied.

How to write a sales text?

In order for a customer to want to buy a product, you need to understand his desires. To push the consumer to purchase, it is necessary to write beautifully and interestingly about the product or service. To do this, follow the recommendations:

  1. The text is simple and clear. It does not contain complex terms and abbreviations.
  2. The information is presented briefly and structured. It is divided into paragraphs, the main ideas are highlighted in font or color, the material is diluted with images.
  3. The article convinces the reader to buy the product right here and now. Triggers are used for this.

A trigger is what prompts a customer to buy a product and they are of the following types:

Rules for writing sales texts
  1. The Scarcity trigger should give the consumer the knowledge that the product is about to run out. The buyer has a feeling of a missed opportunity, which pushes him to buy as soon as possible. For example: “There are only 5 places left for the freelancing course!”.
  2. Time constraint trigger. Works in the same way as the scarcity trigger. But here, the potential client is afraid that they may miss out on the benefits and buy the product at the wrong time. For example: “You can buy a course at a price of 2500 rubles only until April 25, then there will be an increase.”
  3. Crowd trigger. Fires as a product recommendation. Example: “Already more than 100 people who have completed my course have begun to earn money freelancing.” This is the best place to reinforce student feedback.
  4. Uniqueness trigger. Convinces the buyer that there are no analogues of such a product on the market. This is where the UTP comes into play. You can focus on prices, citing competitors as an example, for example: “A freelance course from competitors with feedback from an expert costs 3 times more.” Or the focus is on the expertise and uniqueness of the product: “Only I have practical examples on the course that you can use in your work, as well as a special chat with vacancies from potential employers.”
  5. Social Proof Trigger. You can't just write about what a product is amazing and unique, no one will believe it. Evidence must be provided so that the buyer is convinced that he is not being deceived, for example: “After completing my course, mothers on maternity leave earn 30 thousand a month, working 5 hours a day.” And below is a testimonial with thanks from a student who was a mother on maternity leave.

Studying the target audience of a product, product or service

Selling text formulas

Before writing the text, you need to analyze the target audience of the product.

The target audience is the group of people who are most interested in buying a product.

There are two types:

  1. Main. For those for whom this product, for example, rattles are needed for babies aged 1 to 8 months.
  2. Indirect. People who do not need the product, but they buy it, for example, rattles are bought for children by their parents, relatives, friends.

Target analysis includes:

  1. Creating a client profile. Gender, age, location, interests, field of activity.
  2. “Pain”. The needs of people, their problems are being clarified. This will help to create a competent offer.
  3. Expectations. What exactly do consumers want and what result do they expect.
  4. Doubts. What prevents you from purchasing the goods immediately, what are the concerns.
  5. The benefits of a product or service. Competitor analysis and comparison.

Style and presentation

The selling text is written according to certain formulas, and the style of the text (depending on the portrait) and its presentation (depending on pains and triggers) are also chosen.

Below are the two most popular formulas:

  1. PMPHS. The model is based on the pain of the consumer. Through pain, a solution to the problem is offered.
Elements of advertising text, its style and presentation
  • Pain. What worries? “You are a mother on maternity leave, and employers pay a small allowance?”;
  • More pain. “I don’t have money for my personal needs, and it’s impossible to find a job with a child?”;
  • Hope (hope). “Thousands of mothers have already found a job and are quietly earning on maternity leave, having time to pay attention to their baby”;
  • Solution. “They all took our freelancing basics course and got a job in one day!”.
  1. AIDA. The formula has 4 steps.
Selling text formulas
  • Attention. With the help of a catchy headline or clickbait, the user's attention is captured. “I earned 40,000 rubles in a month, devoting only 4 hours a day to work”.
  • Interest. A short description of the article is written so that the user wants to read further. “This article provides a step-by-step guide to finding a freelance job”.
  • Desire. The product is presented so that the client has a desire to buy it. “In the Basics of Freelancing course, you will learn how to competently build a portfolio and find a job in one day”.
  • Action. “Purchasing the course today, you will receive a free checklist with verified job channels”.

The presentation and style of the text also depends on its appearance:

  1. Commercial. Direct message to the target audience. Examples are required.
  2. For the landing page. Catchy, short sentences with a constant call to buy a product, diluted with infographics and images.
  3. For the blog. Contain an introduction, hidden warm-up and advertising. It is optimal to make a series of posts.
  4. For e-mail newsletters. A catchy title is important so that the user opens the email accurately.
  5. For site pages. Here it is important to create an interesting and useful text in order to convince the reader of the expertise and increase the credibility of the company.
  6. For auto funnels. A small text (up to 1000 characters) containing an offer to leave your data. For this, a bonus is offered (checklist, additional discount). You need to convince the client to leave their data.

Create article structure

Selling text structure

Text structure includes:

  1. Header:
  • reflects a solution to a problem and benefits for the client;
  • encourages interest in reading the text.
  1. Introduction. First and most important paragraph. He must convince the reader of the correctness of the choice (that he reads this text for a reason).

An interesting introduction contains:

  • three yes; These are questions that the client will answer in the affirmative. “Is it hard to sit with a child on maternity leave? Does the government pay a small allowance? Do you want to have enough money not only for a child, but also for your dreams?”;
  • benefits for the buyer - time, budget, profit.
  1. Product value. The advantages of the product, the company are described, emphasis is placed on experience, expertise, novelty, uniqueness.

“Masha Ivanova has been freelancing for 11 years. Now she writes warm-ups and scripts for large millionaire bloggers, and she has a line of customers for a year ahead. She successfully teaches the basics of freelancing, as evidenced by the feedback of her satisfied students. Masha, unlike other experts, personally gives detailed feedback on each homework assignment and will always give valuable advice. The best student will be able to do an internship at one of the largest SMM agencies”.

  1. Product price. The cost should not alienate the buyer or make him doubt the choice. To do this, you can:
  • cross out the price; “only until April 25, the course costs 990 rubles instead of 2000”;
  • associate with an inexpensive product; “the cost of a webinar for the price of two cups of coffee”;
  • override the benefits of the product and its uniqueness.

In order to write a good selling text, you need to know not only the basic formulas, but also be able to present information correctly, know all the nuances of the industry and identify the pains of the target audience well. It is important to entrust the creation of the text to professional copywriters who will help increase sales of the product.


Crocoapps editorial

Crocoapps editorial