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How to become an iOS developer

How to become an iOS developer?

Crocoapps editorial

Crocoapps editorial

Reading time: 5 minutes

iOS Programming

Recall that iOS is an operating system for tablet computers and mobile devices,  manufactured by Apple (iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, Apple Watch).

The main difference from other mobile operating systems (Windows Phone, Google Android) is that it can only be installed on the products of this corporation. For which she is often called despotic. However, the system is quite convenient to use, and has a number of advantages:

  • Fast loading.
  • Interface operation without "brake".
  • The file system is handy. There is no infinite number of transitions. Just a couple of clicks, and you are already at the right place.
  • Timely update of the system, which makes it more functional.
  • Good protection against viruses.
  • Clear interface.
  • A huge catalog of applications located in the AppStore

Eternal confrontation between two giants

In fact, there are a lot of applications. But, people have an inherent desire for something new and more perfect. In this case, you can create something interesting and convenient for yourself, and those around you, with your own hands. And, besides, earn.

Indeed, the development of an iOS application can be not only an exciting process of creating games, readers, spreadsheets, calculators and much more, but also be a source of income.  After all, a successful program can be useful to someone else. So it can be sold.

But let's start with what a beginner iOS developer should have?

Operating system

Ideally, the computer should be running Mac OS, or Mac Mini. But, using a virtual machine (for example, Virtual Box), you can install a Mac on both Linux and Windows. In this case, do not forget that the Mac and PC keyboards are different, the keyboard shortcut, in some cases, is impossible and this can bring inconvenience

What you need to know:

  1. English. Even at the level of translation “with a dictionary”.
  2. Development for iOS is not possible without at least minimal programming skills (C++, C#, QBasic, Exel macros).
  3. Objective-C is the native language for this operating system. You can read the following about him:

    • "Matt Galloway.;
    • The power of Objective-C 2.0;
    • Effective programming;
    • Stephen Kochan. Objective-C programming ;
    • Objective-C from scratch.
  4. Swift. (Developing with iOS Swift, Apple's new programming language, is 2.6 times faster than Objective-C. Not only is it more expressive, safer, and faster than its predecessor, it's also suitable for Linux.) You can read these books:

    • Hayk Kharazyan. Swift language. Tutorial;
    • The Swift programming language.
  5. Design basics. After all, the more thoughtful the interface of the application, the more pleasant it is to use it.
  6. If you are interested in developing games for ios, you can add basic knowledge of physics and mathematics, modeling and much more to all of the above. On this topic you can read:

    • Beginning 3D Unreal Games Development. Robert Chin;
    • Beginning 3D Game Development with Unity. Sue Blackman;
    • Learn Lua for iOS Game Development. Jayant Varma.


Xcode is the main tool for all Apple platforms. Contains Interface Builder, code editor, graphical tools. With it, you can test the application, analyze performance.

In addition, iOS development is possible using a free open-source framework for creating mobile applications. For example, Phonegap and Dojo Mobile, where applications are written in HTML + JavaScript, and then compiled for the desired mobile platform. Or Xamarin (you can write in C#).

Thus, the development of iOS mobile applications for Apple is available to anyone who is interested. The main thing is to want and make some efforts.

Now we can say how much you need to invest in your own offspring.

Developing an app for iOS can be either free or paid.

  1. Free way:

For example, you are interested in developing an iPhone application for yourself. You create it, test it on Xcode emulators. But you can install it on your own device only if the version of Xcode is at least 7.0.

  1. There are two paid ways:

You need to develop applications for iOS, without open access, use within your company. Join Apple's Enterprise Developer Program, pay $299 a year and enjoy.


If you are interested in developing applications for iOS and further distribution through the AppStore, and not just testing on your devices, what should you do? Come to the Apple Developer Program - pay $ 99, create your masterpieces and please others, just the whole year.

Just don't forget, if your developments are in demand and are sold, Apple takes 30% of their cost.

If, nevertheless, independent development of iOS remains unattainable for you, you can order the development of an application for iOs in Crocoapps studio.


Crocoapps editorial

Crocoapps editorial