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Game and application development books

Crocoapps editorial

Crocoapps editorial

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Developing games, programming, working with websites and libraries, as well as learning all sorts of C++, JavaScript and C# languages ​​involves constant learning something new. Technology is certainly not standing still, and with each new presentation, global companies present the world with completely new trends in development and content.

Not so long ago, virtual reality was only a corporate product, but the dynamically updating game world dictates its own rules. Now VR glasses are a full-fledged gaming element. And top games adapt graphics and controls to the fashion trend. I wonder if Google Glass technology will also be able to take root in the gaming world? Or will they not go beyond the usual wearable device?

30 game development books

Being on the other side of the barricades, you need to understand that in addition to game development, you need to devote time to learning new technologies. Gamers and esportsmen are constantly following the news regarding new features and technologies of the gaming world. Therefore, on the shoulders of developers lies a responsible mission to quickly learn all new, as well as existing technologies. If you're new to game development, there's a list of must-have board books for you. For an experienced developer who boldly experiments with 3D graphics, worthy collections on game development can also be distinguished.

Books on Android and iOS mobile app development

We have collected the best books, in our opinion, thanks to which you can look at the world of content development from a different angle. Mobile platforms today are boldly replacing computers. Since 2015 alone, Android and iOS activity has increased by 84%. Developers and global companies do not waste time in vain, and boldly release top games or 5-minute runners on mobile devices. We couldn't help but pay attention to books for Android and iOS content development.

  1. "Hi Android"

From the book you can learn about the basics of the Android platform from the elementary application "Hello, World!" to 2D and 3D graphics. In conclusion, the author will share useful information about SQLite and instructions for publishing content on Google Play.

  1. "Learning Java"

A tutorial for "dummies" about the basic intricacies of Java that will come in handy in order to competently develop games. Training takes place on the example of creating games for Android. In addition, pixel graphics, SFX and GFX, animation and more are discussed in detail.

  1. "Beginning Android Games"

Short and to the point written information that will help you understand graphics engines and adapt games for different platforms. The tutorial will be useful for both beginners and experts. We advise you to carefully read the theory and codes, because some of them are intentionally made with mistakes.

  1. "Android game development"

This book should be your go-to book if you're an aspiring game developer. Thanks to it, you will learn how to create and implement a mobile application using C and C++. OpenGL ES and the gesture recognition system - you can learn about everything in this book.

  1. "Android Design Patterns"

More than 50 basic patterns that will teach you how to transform the basic nuances of search, selection, filters and more. Programming templates, twelve examples will improve your skills and help you avoid mistakes in creating games. The book is equipped with illustrations, which makes it understandable for everyone.

  1. "Professional Android Application Development"

The book is a bit dated as it was published in 2012, but the Android SDK section will be very helpful for beginners. In addition, the book is well organized and divided into separate topics, so you can easily choose what you need. It is very convenient that the book is officially published in Russian.

  1. "Mobile Game Development with Unity"

The book will answer the question of how to develop games for iOS and Android using the Unity engine. Examples from real game scenarios help to better understand the theory.

Books on iOS Development

We cannot leave aside the iOS platform, because today it is in great demand and will most likely take a leading position soon.

  1. "Game Development"

The book is similar to the "Hello Android" textbook. She will talk about how to deal with the Game Center and the App Store, how to create unique applications using SptiteKit and Swift. To assimilate the material, it is desirable to know the most basic things about development.

  1. "Swift Essentials" and "Swift Programming"

Designed for beginners, the books will teach you the basics of Swift and how to use it.

  1. "iOS 11 Swift Programming Cookbook"

A tutorial detailing the features of major iOS versions. The book will be useful for both beginners and experienced programmers for deeper knowledge in the field of development for this operating system.

  1. "Swift 3 Game Development"

Animation, graphic design and synchronization. Well-written code will help you understand the nuances of working with SpriteKit and Swift.

  1. "iOS Swift Game Development Cookbook"

A tutorial that teaches OpenGL and SpriteKit as well as 2D and 3D algorithms. Mistakes in game development on iOS and the nuances of working with UIKit Detect are analyzed in detail.

  1. "Learn to make iOS games"

A tutorial on the top secrets of building apps with Unreal Engine for iOS. To use UE4 for game development, you should definitely become friends with this book.

The list of books could go on and on. You can make your own list that matches the platform, genre, and skills you have.

PC game development books

Only a professional can create games on a PC. Different genres require appropriate scripting, art and design skills, as well as knowledge of CSS and JavaScript languages, and Unity and Unreal Engine engines. All this is very difficult and hardly possible if one person undertakes it.

But it is professionalism that helps to create a truly worthy application. Here are some of the most helpful books to help you learn how to create interesting game content. A large number of books are written in English, so it is worth learning not only the language in the IT field, but also start learning a foreign language. We present to your attention reference books in Russian.

  1. "DirectX: Advanced animation"

This book covers the nuances of 3D animation when working with DirectX. Here, the principles of how various textures and shaders work with animation elements are considered in detail.

  1. "Development and debugging shaders"

Graphic and sound effects will become your strength thanks to this book. If you are looking for unusual and interesting effects - this is the guide for you.

  1. "Artificial intelligence in computer games"

The book will teach you how to work with sentient characters who can react to their environment. The manual contains both theory and practical advice.

  1. "Psychology of optimal experience "

A tutorial that tells how to achieve happiness for a gamer. If you catch all the nuances, you can create a game that will become the favorite of many gamers.

  1. "Game Marketing"

PR and promotion of your own application - this will become clear and accessible after reading the book, even if you are not familiar with the meaning of the words "target", "SMM" and "conversion". The book is written in an accessible and understandable way even for a beginner.

The Russian-language catalog, unfortunately, ends here. However, having set one foot in IT and the other in game design, you should be aware that without English it will be very difficult for you. Therefore, in addition to studying programming languages, we recommend paying attention to the English Upper Intermediate course.

Books for Unity development

Games built with Unity are becoming very popular. This process can be learned in free or paid online courses, but most of the information comes from books. Especially for you, a list of tutorials that will help you understand the Unity engine.

  1. "Unity Game Development in 24 hours"

Twenty-four chapters - exactly the same number of parts of the book and the same number of hours it will take to understand this engine. The author claims that this book will help you create a powerful portfolio, and the manual is written in a very accessible and understandable way.

  1. "Unity for Absolute Beginners"

A beginner's tutorial on Unity to learn the ins and outs of it. The manual guarantees the acquisition of basic knowledge on this topic.

  1. "Unity 2D Game Development"

A book to teach how to create a 2D game using 3D. The features of the Unity engine are described in detail in the manual.

  1. "Learn Unity3D Programming with UnityScript"

The tutorial will tell you about the possibilities of the Unity engine for creating 2D and 3D applications. The book will explain all the nuances about the various effects of this engine. Both beginners and professionals will like it.

And finally, informative books on game development

Really helpful developer tutorials should be reported here. These books will change the way you think about making games.

  1. "Mathematics for 3D Game Programming"

If you create 3D content, this tutorial will help you with the calculations for programming.

  1. "Networking and Online Games"

The manual talks about the nuances of networks and multiplayer in games.

  1. "Physics for game creators"

Developer help book. A tutorial that talks about the physical phenomena for each game element.

  1. " GPU Gems"

A manual for professionals. Talks in great detail about the GPU and GPGPU.

The list of books could go on and on. Some textbooks may not suit you, but for the most part, universal books are presented here, from which everyone can learn something useful. The main thing is to always develop, then your content will certainly take a leading position.


Crocoapps editorial

Crocoapps editorial