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Review on BoboVR

Review on BoboVR - Virtual Reality Glasses

Crocoapps editorial

Crocoapps editorial

Reading time: 8 minutes

Immersive virtual reality takes gaming and watching videos to the next level. The user of devices that provide this opportunity gets into a real 3D world, where he can move and hear the surrounding sounds. The choice of devices for such an immersion is quite large, but bobovr virtual reality glasses are leaders in the budget segment.

What is this device

The bobovr z4 virtual reality glasses are an inexpensive device from Xiaozhai that uses a smartphone as an engine. It has a relatively light design, but at the same time it is of high enough quality and adapts well to the parameters of users. The device can install smartphones with a diagonal of 4.7 "- 6.2", running under IOS and Android. The larger the screen size, the better the visible image will be.

bobovr z4 virtual reality glasses

BP glasses Bobovr z4 have the following specifications:

  • dimensions: 21.5x12x19.5 cm;
  • weight: 410 g;
  • viewing angle: 120°;
  • Lens diameter: 4.2 cm

Viewing angle depends on screen size. Maximum visibility is achieved on smartphones with a diagonal of over 5.5”. For models with a smaller diagonal, the view can be reduced to 100 °. There are built-in headphones that connect to the corresponding output of the smartphone.

In addition to the device itself, the kit includes a lens cleaning cloth and instructions. The control panel is not included in it and, if necessary, is purchased separately.


The BoboVR Z4 is done in a nice black and white color scheme and looks quite futuristic in full accordance with its purpose. The body is made of matte non-staining plastic.

There is a holder for the gadget in the front part, which is fixed with a latch to prevent the smartphone from falling out during sudden movements. The smartphone is centered automatically, but it is possible to do it manually.


There is a 3.5 mm jack for connecting built-in headphones. But it is not designed for smartphones with bottom audio output, so an extension cable is required for iPhone 6 and Galaxy S7.

The fastening straps are made of rubberized material. Velcro located on them allows you to tightly fix the device on your head. At the back of the head, the junction of the straps is closed with stitched pieces of leatherette.

A foam seal covered with perforated artificial leather comes into contact with the face. It is fastened with latches that allow you to unfasten and rinse it. The presence of many small holes allows air to ventilate. For ventilation, there are other holes that make the use of glasses comfortable.


Headphones are made of the same material in contact with the ears. They are ergonomically shaped, easy to move and allow you to customize them. The sound is quite voluminous and lively. BP glasses use doubly convex lenses with five times magnification, made of glass. They are of high quality, do not distort the picture and do not change colors.

Controls and setup tips

The device has the ability to adjust the focal length. To do this, there are regulators on the case on the sides. You can adjust any of them, but it is better to twist them at the same time to avoid skew.

At the top there is a wheel that makes it possible to change the distance between the lenses. Nearby is a button that opens the smartphone compartment. At the bottom there is a headphone volume control wheel and a button that simulates touching the phone screen.

It is very important to correctly make all the settings for yourself. If the lenses are not properly calibrated, the image may appear blurry and motion sickness will appear. It is not recommended to set the maximum brightness on the smartphone to avoid screen glare.

Pros and cons of Bobovr z4 glasses

This device has many advantages. These include:

  • Affordable price for many buyers;
  • interesting stylish design;
  • quality assembly without backlash;
  • work with many models with IOS and Android;
  • the presence of built-in headphones;
  • the ability to adjust the focal and interlens distances;
  • the presence of Velcro straps for good fixation;
  • the ability to use the device for people with farsightedness or myopia.

Disadvantages include:

  • no remote control included;
  • the inability to connect your own headphones;
  • Possible misconfiguration when used.

The remote can be purchased separately. It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and allows you to not only control the VR glasses, but also just listen to music. In games, it can be used as a joystick.


Since the smartphone is the main engine and the VR glasses act as the holder, there is no special software for them. But you can install apps on your phone to help you find professionally crafted 360-degree videos. One of them is the Within application, which gives access to a wide variety of videos and films, animation and art.

Bobovr z4 can be linked to PC via trinusvr app, and tridef is recommended for gaming.

New models of BP Bobovr glasses

Xiaozhai did not stop with the release of the Z4, but continued its development, taking into account its shortcomings and consumer feedback. This is how the Z5 and Z6 models appeared.

The bobovr z5 virtual reality glasses have become lighter than their predecessors and weigh only 350 g. This will allow the head to get tired less and stay in them longer. The kit now includes a joystick, and now you do not have to think about where to purchase it separately. Slightly improved place to mount the smartphone. There are 2 rubber clips that perfectly hold it.


Now the smartphone is open more and heats up less. And, if you are not in the open sun, then exposure is minimal.

A wheel has appeared at the top to adjust the viewing angle. And the distance between the lenses is now changed using the wheel on the side. The inner part is lined with nylon, now the face does not sweat even indoors. A more comfortable notch appeared for the nose. The design and all other parameters remained unchanged.

The bobovr z6 virtual reality glasses have also undergone a number of changes compared to the Z5 model. They are available in black and white. Now the headphones can be folded, and the device takes up less space when stored. The mount has changed a bit. There are two additional straps covering the back of the head. Velcro allows you to adjust them for a better fit. The front part has now become leather. And the notch for the nose is equipped with special rubber bands that provide a snug fit, eliminating the gap while watching the video.


Lenses have become more aspherical, due to which the viewing angle for gadgets with a small screen has increased. But now only the focal length is adjustable. The earphones have grown slightly in size, and their sound isolation from external sounds has increased. And the main difference - bobovr z6 became completely wireless. They have their own battery and connect via Bluetooth. Charging is done via microUSB. The battery charge is enough for 25 hours of continuous operation.


The VR glasses now have a microphone so you can answer a call even while you're playing or watching a movie. Due to the increased distance to the lenses, the Bobovr z6 can be used by people who wear medical glasses.


Crocoapps editorial

Crocoapps editorial