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Overview on Microsoft HoloLens 2

Review on Microsoft HoloLens 2 - augmented reality smart glasses

Crocoapps editorial

Crocoapps editorial

Reading time: 7 minutes

In the article, we will describe a unique device that has not yet gone on sale - Microsoft HoloLens 2 augmented reality glasses. Due to their price ($ 3,500), they are unlikely to be available to a wide consumer, but for many companies for training staff and production processes can be very useful. Nevertheless, we decided to write about them because the technology is very promising.

What are microsoft hololens 2 augmented reality glasses

This is a powerful holographic standalone computer, an evolution of the previous model HoloLens 1. In addition to information about the environment, this device can perform many other functions, which ones depend on the task for which the glasses are bought.

In appearance, microsoft hololens 2 is a headset that can be easily worn over ordinary glasses. A special tightening mechanism and the ease of fitting the device to the size and shape of the head of any adult, allows you to use the device for almost everyone. It should also be noted the high ergonomics of the gadget and the convenience of wearing it even for a very long time. A special loop makes it possible to lift the microsoft hololens 2 smart glasses above the eyes without having to remove the helmet.


Hardware stuffing

It includes processors: graphics, central and specialized Holographic Processing Unit (HPU). The latter includes an artificial intelligence coprocessor. This will allow you to visualize external data without sending it to the cloud. Surrounding objects and environments will be recognized autonomously, by the device itself. Now about two other important characteristics.

Microsoft hololens glasses:

  • Have memory - 4 GB LPDDR4x.
  • DRAM and storage - 64 GB UFS 2.1.

Viewing angle and display

Microsoft Hololens 2 has a 65-degree field of view. This is less than that of virtual reality helmets. There can be no talk of peripheral vision. That is the inevitable price to pay for high resolution. It at hololens 2 will be 47 pixels per degree or 2K. The pixel density is almost the same as the previous model, but more than the HTC Vive Pro.

How many microsoft hololens 2 smart glasses can work without recharging

About 2-3 hours. The exact time cannot be named. Like a regular PC, it depends on the load on the processors and many other factors. Of course, I would like to increase the battery life without recharging, but it was not possible to do this without tangible damage to a number of other important characteristics. The power supply plugs into a regular electrical outlet, has a power of 18 W and is capable of providing a voltage of 8 V at a current of 2 A.


About device features

Conventionally, they can be divided into two groups: analysis of a person and analysis of the environment. Human analysis includes hand movements, eye tracking, and voice commands. It is very important that HoloLens 2 can track the movement of the hands completely. This greatly simplifies the management of objects from augmented reality.

Gaze-tracking is a fairly effective technique to give the user the feeling that virtual objects actually exist. The smart glasses of this model have improved this function. In addition, microsoft vr has a system for tracking user attention, which allows for very precise device settings with almost any software.

The virtual voice assistant Cortana facilitates the execution of commands given using human speech. True, for its work you need a mandatory connection to the Internet. However, given that the product is released for corporate use, this should not be a problem.

Environmental analysis includes location tracking without any spatial restrictions. The environment mesh changes in real time. Photos, videos, holograms and the physical environment with the help of special software form a single whole for the user.

In addition to the above, already installed programs allow augmented reality glasses to perform the functions of an organizer, a means for accessing the Internet and using cloud storage. Subscribers to Dynamics 365 Remote Assist will be able to remotely view the image from a variety of locations, which in some cases helps to solve very complex problems. The subscription will cost $125 per month.

HoloLens 2 in Russia

A number of articles on the Internet claim that in our country, microsoft hololens 2 smart glasses will cost 350 thousand rubles. However, there are quite a few good reasons that their price will be much higher. At the time of writing this material, after entering the relevant queries into popular search engines, the cost of 829,000 rubles most often appeared. for individuals. How reliable this information is is debatable. You should start from the price of the product in the USA. It, as mentioned above, is $ 3,500. Next, calculate at the rate of the ruble to this currency, plus a certain margin from the seller, supplier, etc. Naturally, demand should also be taken into account. Whether it will be big is hard to say. Ordinary users now want to buy such glasses purely out of curiosity.


HoloLens 2 for gamers

In addition to being prohibitively expensive for a person with an average income, the use of HoloLens 2 glasses in games is hindered by a small viewing angle. This, for example, will not allow hanging an information board on the side in order to refer to it by changing the angle of view, and it is unlikely that it will be convenient for an ordinary gamer to constantly turn his head with such a device. Although the creators tried to balance the center of gravity as much as possible and, as far as possible, reduce weight, it cannot be said that the device is suitable for games. Yes, and not for this it is now being created. The company has focused on a different area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication. There is no other way yet, but in the future everything can change.


When analyzing the characteristics of HoloLens 2, it seems that this is a kind of intermediate product, another step towards inexpensive, yet functional augmented reality glasses that will be available to everyone. Now Microsoft has focused not on price, but on improving the technical characteristics of smart glasses and their ergonomics. What will happen next, only time will tell.


Crocoapps editorial

Crocoapps editorial