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Sandbox from Yandex and Google

Crocoapps editorial

Crocoapps editorial

Reading time: 6 minutes

A sandbox is a filter that is applied to young sites and is responsible for lowering their positions in search results.

Seo sandbox

Search engines believe that a new site should not compete with the search leaders, so it is allocated a quiet zone outside the top 10, so that the site earns the trust of users there.

Over time, the filter is removed and the site can be promoted and indexed. Usually the sandbox period lasts from 6 to 12 months.

A site, the specifics of which implies a lot of competition, will stay in the sandbox longer, as a rule, this applies to commercial resources, but information projects can also be affected.

Main sandbox metrics

How do you know if a site has been sandboxed? If there is a regular posting of unique and useful content, but the positions in the search results do not grow, then the site is in the sandbox, that is, it fell under the filter for beginners.

The main search engine sandbox algorithm is different.

Yandex sandbox

Representatives of the search engine do not confirm the effect of the filter, but experts believe that the filter exists.

Yandex sandbox presumably takes into account:

  • growth rate;
  • the quality of the link mass of the site;
  • compliance with internal optimization rules;
  • behavior and commercial factors.

Google Sandbox

This search engine uses Sandbox.

Submitted to the sandbox does not appear in the first place of the search, even if you type its address in the search bar. The filter is applied to new sites that are actively building up links.

Young site sandbox

All young sites and resources that have not been indexed before for some reason get into the sandbox.

If the site has ever been banned, it will also have to go through this trial period.

The duration of stay in the sandbox depends on the quality of incoming links and on the result of the analysis of behavioral factors.

If the site has a “live” audience, then the exit from the sandbox will happen quite quickly.

How to get out of the filter?

In order to remove the site from the sandbox, the following recommendations are used:

  1. Website promotion should start immediately after creation.
  2. In the first 6 months, paid and free directories should be added gradually.
  3. Work on improving behavioral factors.

User behavior is tracked using search engine analytics services. This is necessary in order to make their stay on the site more comfortable and longer. Useful services, interactive maps are added to the site, interaction with social networks is used to increase traffic.

  1. Start promotion with low-frequency queries that more accurately reflect the topic.
  2. Ensure a slight increase in link mass.

A large purchase of links can lead not only to a sandbox, but also to a ban! You need to purchase links only from trusted authoritative sites from which users will actually go to the site.

  1. Don't use black promotion methods. The quick effect will not last long, as the site will fall under the algorithms of search engines.
  2. Regularly add content.

Constantly adding unique and relevant content will attract more users and increase loyalty and trust to the site.

  1. Integrate with social networks to attract additional traffic.
  2. Work with reviews. With their help, trust increases and conversion improves. They help external optimization, especially left on search engine services and in popular programs. It can be Yandex.Directory, Yandex.Market, Yandex.Maps, 2GIS, social networks, review services, booking, etc.
  3. Work on internal and external site optimization.

It is necessary to regularly fix technical problems and improve usability. The more valuable the site is for the user, the faster it will leave the filter and enter the TOP search results.

Recently created sites need to be prepared for the fact that promotion and promotion will not be fast. It will be necessary to gradually win the trust of not only customers, but also search engines. The most important thing at the initial stage is the creation of interesting, useful and unique content. If the resource has high-quality content, real visitors, no markups and artificial links, it will quickly leave the sandbox and rise to the TOP of search results.


Crocoapps editorial

Crocoapps editorial