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Support and administration of sites on Bitrix

Crocoapps editorial

Crocoapps editorial

Reading time: 7 minutes

Support, maintenance, maintenance and management of the site are essential for the improvement of projects. Gap analysis and troubleshooting are underway. Support for sites on bitrix guarantees continuous operation and constant filling with content. The article talks about what happens at each stage, and why it is important to trust this functionality to professionals.

Administration of sites on bitrix

Why do you need website support?

In the absence of technical support, problems such as:

  1. Users move to competitors.
  2. Position drop in search engines.

The administrator provides technical support, is responsible for filling the content and its relevance.

Maintenance is carried out with the help of an individual service manager. He fully manages the project, is aware of all aspects of the activity, is responsible for the timing and quality.

Types of administrative measures

Administration of a site on Bitrix is ​​carried out in two directions:

  • informational;
  • technical.

The first is responsible for filling the site with content, the second is for supporting technical issues and operational activities.

Informational includes:

  1. Create and edit new pages and sections.
  2. Download and search for files.
  3. Creating a template to fill with content.
  4. Manage section properties.

Technical includes:

  1. Configuring the main module.
  2. Connecting a visual editor (configuration, php scripts, snippets, displaying components).
  3. Access control.
  4. Working with the interface.
  5. Address handling system.
  6. Working with tools (quality monitoring, database optimization).
Filling the site on Bitrix

Filling content

Work on 1C Bitrix for site management and administration includes:

  1. Adding texts, photos, videos. Specialists prepare content for the customer: work is being done on copyright and rewriting, materials are being adapted, professional photography and photo processing is being done, and illustrations are being developed. All material is unique and created specifically for the client's tasks.
  2. Changes to previously used materials.
  3. Remove irrelevant information.
  4. Maintain active sections. The administrator publishes news, updates product cards, price lists, can publish information about promotions and offers.
  5. Manage banners. Adding or removing a new banner, replacing the image, titles, description, choosing a display location.
  6. Adding new pages and sections. Work is underway to maintain existing pages and add new ones based on the results of performance analysis.
  7. Conduct daily collection and analysis of attendance statistics. This is necessary to update the content as the consumer requests it.

Website technical support

Bitrix site support

Technical support for the site on 1s Bitrix is ​​carried out in the following areas:

  1. Transferring the site to the 1c Bitrix control system. Administrators transfer the site to the platform while maintaining all the functionality. Creating a resource from scratch is not required, so the transfer will not lead to loss of positions in search engines.
  2. Development of terms of reference for modernization (programming of bitrix components, automation and individual developments). Support for sites on bitrix additionally includes an analysis of efficiency, the development of a set of measures for its modernization. Audit of business processes, marketing research and web analytics are carried out. Based on the work done, experts prepare a plan to implement the recommendations.
  3. Web development according to the terms of reference. The content of the resource is updated at the request of the client.
  4. Maintenance of a site on Bitrix includes control of the hosting server (its configuration and payment). If necessary, new modules are introduced, the functionality of the site is improved. It is possible to add: voting, product filters, forums, reviews. All introduced functions are pre-tested on a special server.
  5. Control over the status of the domain and timely payment.
  6. To maintain a site on Bitrix, specialists develop modules adapted to the client's business processes. Integration with external services is carried out (online stores, supplier portals).
  7. Maintaining the continuity of the resource. Constant check of all systems and updates. In case of breakdown and failure - transfer to a backup address until the problem is resolved.
  8. Automatic filling with information. Technical support for Bitrix sites includes setting up automatic content collection and transferring it from another source.
  9. Protection against viruses (removal, treatment, protection).
  10. Timely fixing bugs. If faults are found, they are analyzed and eliminated.
  11. Backup all files.
  12. Control over the correct operation of the mailbox.
  13. Take recovery action in case of technical failures.

Our advantages

  1. Our agency has been on the market for 14 years and has completed hundreds of projects during this time.
  2. Many successfully completed cases, many years of experience in the market, high professionalism and competence of our employees will not make you doubt the right choice.
  3. We are working to ensure that your project fully meets your goals, taking into account the characteristics of your business.
  4. An individual approach will be found for each client, and a pleasant price and bonuses will be an additional advantage for you.

Support cost

Below you can find the rates for the search promotion of young sites, as well as for other services of our agency. The cost of supporting sites on Bitrix depends on the scale of the project, the level of complexity and the terms of reference. If you have any questions, or would like to receive an individual calculation, leave a request. The manager will contact you and discuss all the details.


Crocoapps editorial

Crocoapps editorial