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6 steps to increase brand loyalty with mobile commerce

Crocoapps editorial

Crocoapps editorial

Reading time: 6 minutes

Have you thought about how to increase loyalty to your brand? There are many ways to do this, but mobile commerce is one of the best options.

Mobile commerce, i.e. selling from mobile devices, is absolutely essential for any business. According to some reports, by 2023 almost 54% of all online transactions will be carried out through mobile retail, as opposed to traditional e-commerce platforms. And this is also logical, because mobile devices, by definition, are more convenient. Adding to this fact is that Google now enforces a mobile-centric rule, which means its ranking prioritizes mobile-optimized sites over everything else. So, if more than half of your potential market is focused on mobile devices, and Google ranks sites no less on their mobile accessibility, these are two very good reasons to start developing a brand loyalty strategy through mobile commerce.

1. Be simple

Mobile platforms don't need bells and whistles. In fact, those same decorative elements end up having a detrimental effect, sending potential customers elsewhere due to overly complicated and messy pages. Keep your message clear and concise, and let the client do what they want, easily and simply. Everything superfluous is just superfluous.

2. Spot value quickly

We live in an impatient society, that's a fact, and on the Internet it's even more merciless. As in the previous point, get straight to the point and immediately show how much value you can add to the customer. Do not hide the terms and conditions, disclose them so that the client knows exactly what he is involved in and allows him to quickly take the plunge.

3. Set up your website

Another problem is that the mobile site needs to be customized. After all, no one wants a site that provides a lot of unnecessary information or products. It's all part of a society that demands instant gratification, so let your site be customized to only show the content the user wants. Obviously it needs to be mobile responsive. Make sure it loads quickly and provides a user experience that feels flawless and effortless.

4. Provide an unforgettable user experience

To put it simply, nothing is enough if you can't generate some sort of emotional attachment. Nowadays, people want creative and interesting experiences from the mobile sites they visit, and big data is not enough. To stand out from the crowd, you need unique experiences and content.

“We are talking about the term “big emotions”. This means that nothing else will do, and this is a huge problem for developers and marketers. How to create an emotional connection with your client?

Customers want a unique experience.

5. Engage your audience

A huge part of building a relationship with a brand is, first of all, attracting customers. This can be done through any number of methods, but you must keep the conversation going and show that you are genuinely listening by taking and using feedback at every opportunity. Meaningful interactions can be provided through the site itself or through social media. Thus, you need to make sure that your communication quickly turns into an interaction.

Personalize this communication. This used to be incredibly time consuming, but now automation software makes this method very accessible. This helps build individual relationships that can be invaluable to a growing brand.

6. Leverage brand partnerships

Using a well-designed brand partnership is a really smart way to boost your reputation and build loyal followers quickly. Not only is this an extremely financially viable method of expanding presence by leveraging another brand's already established marketing presence by choosing the right brands to interact with, it shows the customer that you are looking for them by bundling two (or more) products or services that you understand , they are searching. This enhances convenience and is aligned with reward schemes, which can actually lead to infinitely better customer experiences with significant savings and perks. This is a sure way to build a relationship for years to come.

Statistics don't lie. Mobile platforms are the present and future of e-commerce transactions, especially with increasingly creative ways to make payments and access information. Therefore, creating a mobile platform is not just smart, it is important to increase brand loyalty and increase the number of active interactions and conversations. Follow these simple steps to develop a brand strategy that will take your business to the next level.


Crocoapps editorial

Crocoapps editorial