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Crocoapps editorial

Crocoapps editorial

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Getting the viewer's attention amid the daily informational noise is not an easy task. In order to stand out from competitors and convey your offer to a potential client, non-trivial visual solutions are needed. Our 3d animation and design studio is ready to provide them. Do you need a bright advertisement, a memorable presentation, a cool promotional video for the game? Contact us! We work in different styles using different technologies. We create material that fully meets your needs.

What is motion design?

Motion design service involves the creation of moving objects - from logos and emblems to full-fledged 3d or 2d videos. Static images are given dynamics. This makes the advertisement, presentation or website memorable, not formulaic.

Now motion design includes virtually all animation - both simple two-dimensional and complex three-dimensional, involving new technologies.

The main thing about us and our values

We are a team of professionals with fifteen years of experience in digital. Our approach to work is different:

  • creativity;
  • attention to detail;
  • taking into account the opinion and wishes of the customer;
  • optimization of production time;
  • result-oriented.

We have repeatedly occupied high places in the Runet Rating, including as a design agency.

Motion design studio provides a turnkey service - from idea to voice acting and video post-production. The result of the work is agreed with the customer at each stage.

The main directions of motion design

Commercial animation is varied. It includes both simple moving logos and complex 2d, 3d videos. The choice of a flat or three-dimensional image depends on the objectives of the video, budget, scope. Sometimes minimalistic solutions turn out to be the most profitable, but in some cases, the wow effect of highly detailed graphics is necessary. Let's take a closer look at the main types of motion design.

2d motion design

A two-dimensional image looks clear and concise. It is used in cases where the essence of the message is more important than the form. If you need to talk about a new offer or the benefits of cooperation with a company to already interested viewers, 2d animation is a great option. This is not a banal, but at the same time not a variant of advertising or identity elements that draws attention to itself. Creating a 2D model requires less time and budget than 3D development. 2d design is available for start-ups, start-ups.

3d motion design

3D image looks stylish. With it, you can create both a photorealistic video sequence and an incredible fantasy picture. Three-dimensional videos capture the attention of viewers from the first seconds, create a viral advertising effect.

Now the technologies for creating 3D models are developing rapidly. Studios have access to motion capture of live actors, fast rendering of complex textures, realistic display of chiaroscuro and highlights.

The only drawback of 3d design is its cost.

Motion design trends 2022

From simple hand-drawn advertising, the marketing world is gradually moving to more complex forms. Commercials and visual attributes of the brand become more dynamic, brighter, and livelier. Motion design is used on websites, offline advertising, business presentations. In 2022, the following areas are most relevant.

Motion capture

Transferring actors' movements to 3d characters using special capturing sensors. The technology allows you to make 3d animation as realistic, smooth, and lively as possible. Our studio in Moscow is equipped with modern motion capture equipment available for rent.

Avatar animation

Allows you to transfer the appearance of a person to his character in the game. This approach is relevant for the metaverses that are gaining popularity - where users communicate, have fun and even earn cryptocurrency. With the help of motion design video, you can create an avatar that is close in appearance to its owner.

Creating 3D graphics & characters

In computer games, marketing promotional materials, and other areas. We create high-poly models with natural textures and lots of detail. The plot of the video can be anything - from a demonstration of industrial equipment to a children's music video.

Movie & cartoon animation

Creating a 3D model of a person is one of the most difficult tasks in 3D animation, and at the same time one of the most common when rendering cartoons or 3d films. But, in addition to high-quality modeling of heroes, we pay a lot of attention to the surrounding objects, background details. The viewer should have a complete picture of the perception of the work. All components of an animated video must be made in the same style.


The directions of motion design are varied. It can be either an integral part of a marketing product or an independent unit. A bright and memorable presentation of a product / service / event can be organized in the following forms.

Video clips

Music, promotional videos, entertainment videos. The purpose of such clips is to evoke an emotional reaction in the consumer, to create a positive association with the brand. The animation doesn't have to be complicated, though. Many viewers like clips in a minimalistic style.

Mobile game development

In most games there are cinematics or so-called Cutscene - embedded videos that explain the plot, revealing the characters. As a rule, they are performed in high-poly 3d and differ in the degree of graphics from the main game scenes. Therefore, motion design for mobile games is created separately from the main development.

Educational projects

Educational videos are made for both children and adults. The visual is compiled based on the subject of the video. If desired, interactive elements can be added to the project.


For business or non-commercial projects. Dynamic elements, short video clips, transition animation. Creation of 3D models to order for the individualization of the visual materials of the company. Refinement of the brand book.

Website design

Animated infographics, banners, slides and other web components. We optimize dynamic elements so that they do not slow down the page loading speed of the site.


For TV, streaming services. Opening and closing credits for movies and series, programs, on-air programs of any subject. Visual transitions, tie-ins. Most often performed in 2d format.


3D motion design in construction is used to demonstrate the designed objects. With its help, you can show in dynamics all the architectural and engineering details of the building. The video can be used on a website or in business presentations.

Banner ads

A dynamic banner in contextual advertising or SMM works better than a static one. It attracts attention, communicates information better, and allows you to stand out from competitors.

What we do great

Among all motion design technologies, we most often work with motion capture. It's great for making video games, movies, and music videos. The 3d image turns out to be especially realistic, while saving time on working out graphics.

Avatar Animation

The actor's face is transferred to the virtual environment. The generated character repeats the appearance of its prototype in great detail. Sensors allow you to convey facial expressions and all shades of emotions. Graphic motion design also involves the study of textures - skin, hair, etc.

Animation of films and cartoons

The movements of actors - people and animals - are filmed through sensors. Due to this, 3d characters in the frame behave naturally, plastically. With the help of motion capture, you can animate both people of standard proportions and fantastic creatures - from gnomes to dragons and all kinds of monsters.

And now more about the technology

Motion capture technology is becoming more accessible. All that is needed for its implementation now is suits with sensors and a data recording station. We will tell you with what equipment and in what program our specialists make motion design.


The studio has 17 sensors at its disposal, which are attached with special straps to the actor's body. Sensors are connected to the hub wirelessly within a radius of 20 meters (or 60 when shooting outdoors). The information is then transferred to powerful computers for post-processing. The battery life of the system is 5 hours.

Also, we already have

For more accurate animation, we use additional equipment.

Recording fingers

Gloves with sensors in our 3D animation studio help to record the actor's gestures, interactions with objects or filming partners. The resulting data is easy to use for embedding in game engines such as Unity and Unreal Engine.

Face recording

Using a special helmet, cameras with FaceID face recognition technology and modern software, we get a grid of markers for creating facial animation. The facial expressions of the characters are as natural as possible. The technology allows you to significantly reduce the time to create 3D models for games and movies.

Steps of creating a 3D model

Agreeing on an idea

You can come to us with a fully prepared script or just a general understanding of the task. Our animation studio manager will help develop the idea and tell you how to implement specific moments.

Concepts and design

At this stage, we make a video storyboard, work out the appearance of the characters and surrounding objects in 2d format. We agree with the customer, if necessary, make changes.

Sculpting a high poly model

We create 3D characters and objects using a large number of polygons. The smaller and more complex the polygons used, the smoother and more realistic the model will be.

Unwrapping and baking maps

Adding details to 3d objects using a normal map. Such a map allows you to project the properties of three-dimensional objects on a two-dimensional plane - to simulate depressions, protrusions, lighting features.

Voice acting: announcer, music

Sound design services. We select the sound accompaniment of the video sequence. We organize the recording of the speaker's voice on professional equipment. We do audio post-processing.


Technical stage - creating a low-poly object mesh based on a high-poly one. Often used in game development to simplify rendering or to work with models in different programs.


The overlay of surface textures, materials - skin, hair, details of clothing and equipment. Apply effects by type of scuffs or dirt. Working with chiaroscuro and reflections.

Ready work

Final edits. Rendering. Presentation of the object to the customer. After approval, the model is ready for embedding in a video or game - the main goal of motion design.

New ideas are always welcome

If you need a clear, timely implementation of a creative project - hurry up to order a motion design in our studio. Our portfolio contains works from various fields - from b2b business promotion to children's educational projects. Our designers know how to attract the attention of the target audience.


Crocoapps editorial

Crocoapps editorial