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How to develop an app for kids

Crocoapps editorial

Crocoapps editorial

Reading time: 8 minutes

Apps for children - what is it and how to develop them correctly

I think you often see young children these days walking around with gadgets and playing their favorite games. It seems to be an ongoing process that goes on every hour and every day. And we are also surprised by these strange games for us and simple pictures (which children are crazy about). But in fact, a seemingly simple game is the result of the work of specialists, which lasts for months and years. It's not that simple.

What happens to children during the game

Developing a children's game at the very beginning is a study of the audience, their interests and requirements. The process is devoid of all sorts of technical techniques, it consists in a simple study of children in society, their relationships, games and attitudes towards their toys, methods and ways of interacting with them. Then comes the next steps.

  • Determining the age category of the target audience. A correctly defined age category is a guarantee that children's games will not seem boring or difficult to a child. But there are a lot of categories themselves, since you can count on a child plus or minus 1 year (i.e. 1 game for about 2 years).
  • Script. Having determined the interests and age of children, the subsequent development of children's games is to write a script that will display the main idea of ​​​​the application. For example, the presence of fairy-tale characters or their simplified physical prototypes (for example, the Toca Boca Tea Party mascot was originally created on paper, and then became a splash screen on the iPad screen). And do not forget about the opportunities for children's creativity.
  • Design. The simplest, surest and most reliable way is to involve children in this process. Children aged 7-10 get together, draw, sculpt, glue and create for you such a unique design that will not leave other children indifferent. At the same time, kids can invent characters, their life events.
  • Usability testing. Tools like Marvel and Pixate help test complex application tasks. At the same time, it is determined how easy it is for a child to understand the game, the menu, the process, the agility of manipulations on the touch screen by small users, whether it is convenient to play, which applications evoke emotions, and the overall satisfaction with the game. There are also errors - their number and severity.
children's game development

Tips for app developers

What is important for children? Colorful and easy to use. Therefore, when creating our applications, we select the most successful color combinations, create a clear and simple interface so that any child appreciates a beautiful picture and does not lose interest in the game during use. We create such children's games that are extremely easy to use, at the same time they are useful and develop thinking, creativity, computational skills, and this is already important for parents. Experts advise novice app developers to use the following techniques when creating games:

  • use all your experience and make the application as easy to understand for young users as possible;
  • play boldly with bright colors and color schemes (like Sesame Street did), and leave plenty of clues - kids will love it;
  • it's better to make the full-screen menu, and the CTA buttons as visible as possible (children can simply get confused and refuse to play, as was the case in Vocabulary Spelling City, where a two-step menu is implemented);
  • the presence of bright icons is also a plus;
  • any actions should be accompanied by sounds, feedback and tips in the application are especially important (visually and simply presented in Angry Bird);
  • one way or another, but adults can be involved, and therefore, as a developer, you need to take into account the interest in the application among adults.

Children are responsive and easily involved in the game, and if you want to develop an interesting game - do it today! In addition, high-quality game development for children, this, in addition to interesting work, is also a considerable income.

Games and apps for kids

We live in an age of high technology, where literally everything has turned into an application: from managing the balance on the phone to complex operations with accounts. Not a single day passes without the participation of applications in our lives, and nothing can replace the comfort with convenience, and most importantly, the mobility that they give us.

The directions of development of areas in which various applications are used are expanding at an incredible rate. Any ideas of users can be brought to life. In general, applications are aimed at an adult audience, but do not forget that modern children actively use gadgets from an early age, and parents should think about the effectiveness of the time spent by their child on the phone.

Kids app development

Here we invite you to contact our studio for the development of games for children, which will help make the child's gadget as useful as possible using a unique application.

Children's audience requires a particularly detailed approach. Our team of professionals understand this and actively research their target audience so that the finished development of a children's game ultimately meets the expectations of parents and is most useful to children.

When developing children's games, our company focuses primarily on the benefits and quality of the product. To create something new, unusual is our immediate task. The work is carried out by real specialists, professionals in their field. Creating applications for a children's audience is a much more serious goal than creating applications for adults. Here you need to try to take into account not only the wishes of customers, that is, parents, but also imagine yourself in the place of a child who will play the created game. Will he be interested in whether she will help him learn something, or will he discard the gadget after a couple of hours due to lack of interest, and will again demand something new. Creating applications and games, we understand what a big responsibility lies with us, so our children's games at the end are of high quality, well-developed and meet the expectations of our customers. After all, there is perhaps no more picky audience than parents who want the best for their children.

Behind the attractive design of our children's games, there is a large amount of algorithms and actions that make our product of high quality, and most importantly, useful.

Developing apps for kids

So, our company is ready to develop a children's game. If the purpose of creation is entertainment, then we promise that there will be a lot of interactivity, stylish design, ease of use and original sound. If we are talking about a developing application for a child, then carefully calculated algorithms of actions, a sequence of steps will stand behind it, the smallest details will be taken into account, which will allow the child to be involved in the learning process.

Children's game apps are a great way to entertain your child, help him spend time with benefit and teach him something new. The specialists of our company take into account every little thing in order to finally do exactly what You, parents, want to get. We solve the problem of entertaining and educating your child, we approach work with all responsibility, follow modern trends and will definitely leave you satisfied with our product!


Crocoapps editorial

Crocoapps editorial