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Flash game development | perspectives

Crocoapps editorial

Crocoapps editorial

Reading time: 9 minutes

We deal with flash games all the time. They are in mobile phones, on large multimedia portals and small sites. And along with them, a banner with advertising is sure to hang. The visitor clicks on the banner - the portal earns money. The better the toy, the more visitors. The more time they spend on the site and raise its popularity.

But it's even better if your game is downloaded from a dedicated portal. User votes cast in its favor raise the program in the rating and increase the number of downloads. As a result, a solid flash game made by professionals is able to scatter among millions of users. And if a sponsor's banner is built into it, the creation of a flash application can bring millions to the owner, but already in monetary terms. So what are flash games and how are they created?

What are called flash games?

Flash games - features and perspectives

From the moment of its appearance, "Flash drives" are in great demand among those who like to spend time without delving into the essence of the game and without straining. Gradually, small games moved from hard drives to tablet browsers. Laptops and phones. Flash games are convenient because they do not take up extra space, do not require understanding the process. There are a lot of flash applications. But they all have some similar features.

From English, Flash is translated as "flash". This word has long become one of the concepts associated with a computer: flash memory, flash applications, flash animation. If we draw an analogy, then the features of flash games are quite comparable with the flash.

1. Quick

To start a flash game, you don't need any additional efforts, downloads, installations and settings required for purchased or downloaded games. It is enough that the browser has a plug-in that supports the technology. The user does not need to know all these concepts in order to be able to use such a game. Flash applications in mobile phones are an example - even grandparents who have never heard of browsers and interfaces use them without any difficulty.

2. Short

Indeed, there are no flash games that require hours or even days to complete. And this is due not so much to the size of the flash file as to demand factors. A person looking for such a game wants to spend some time in relaxation without straining, and not a difficult multi-hour passage with saving.

3. Simplicity

You don't need super hardware to run a flash game, the file should run on any, even the simplest device.

All these features have been formed for a long time and have not changed. But in the current reality, simplicity, speed, and light weight must be combined with a good picture and other qualities that users are used to. Of course, you can make a flash game "on your knee" using free programs for creating such programs, but it will suit (and even then it is unlikely) only its novice creator as a result of his efforts. No other person will be interested in such a toy.

Time passes, the requests and requirements of users change and, accordingly, the software products that are used to create flash-ki change. And this is not surprising, since the technology with which flash games have been developed all this time was originally invented not for games, but for creating advertising presentations.

How flash games are made


Flash is usually created using ActionScript, an easy-to-learn programming language that allows you to control the actions of objects on the screen.

Before you write the code, you need to come up with the game itself - draw up a plot and its development. Flash games should be simple. Statistics show that the user will play it for no more than 5-10 minutes - this time is enough to maintain interest. Therefore, when creating, it is necessary to solve the problem of attracting the player's attention for this time.

Usually, a concept is chosen from several plots:

  • run, race - the player does not need to move the character, but moves automatically, and the user jumps over obstacles and collects bonuses;
  • fights are endless but not repetitive battles in which the player must win;
  • puzzles - ranging from the simplest combination of rows of the same symbols and ending with puzzles or other logical tasks;
  • RPG - The code for RPG games is much more complex, but the gradual development of staff can keep the player engaged for much longer.

Only after creating a general concept, work on the following steps begins:

  • creating a creative design - without bright graphics, the game will not be able to attract attention;
  • development of the game scene - in addition to the plot, the overall picture with the details also needs to be worked out;
  • writing code;
  • development of game presentation.

Without the last point, it will be almost impossible to promote even the most interesting and bright flash games.

Opportunities offered by the creation of a flash application

One of the features of flash games is cyclicality. Bright graphics, thoughtful plot, well-chosen musical design can bind the user and make him return to the passage more than once.

Flash games become an element of viral marketing when users share links to the bottom in email or social networks.

However, over time, the approach to creating flash games completely changes - gradually the very presence of a flash player to launch toys disappears. The outdated Adobe Flash technology is giving way to programs written in HTML5.

Adobe is reportedly planning to end support for Flash Player as early as 2020. The plugin is called insecure and many browser developers are phasing it out. As a result, even successful projects have to either be abandoned or redone and transferred to another platform. If you plan to create a new flash game, then you should develop it only in HTML5. Unless, of course, the owner expects that it will last longer than a few days.


Internal HTML5 games are starting to support an increasing number of social networks: Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and more recently VKontakte. Another advantage of games created using this technology is their cross-platform nature, which allows creating a multiplayer mode. And wappers allow you to turn HTML5 games into native ones, which allows you to place them in app stores. Another easy and convenient way to distribute cross-platform HTML5 games is through mobile messengers and social media applications.

As a result, with the death of the Flash Player, flash games will not disappear, but, on the contrary, will receive a new, more advanced perspective. Accordingly, it will be possible to earn much more on such applications. But only on the condition that your game is created not by a beginner, but by a team of professionals who have the necessary experience and know how to work with tools designed to work with this fashionable and advanced technology.

Development of flash games by Crocoapps

Crocoapps is a leader among Russian (and not only) developers of games and mobile applications.

We are well aware of all the technical nuances and features of games created on HTML5, and their creation is one of the specializations of our team.

Ordering creating a flash application from us, you get a product that will interest both users and sponsors. The games we create combine our knowledge of the market and technology with the wishes of the customer. The cost of ordering a quality game starts from 550 thousand rubles, which you will return in the shortest possible time - our product will not fail to attract the attention of players.


Crocoapps editorial

Crocoapps editorial