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Taxi app development

Crocoapps editorial

Crocoapps editorial

Reading time: 8 minutes

If you already have a ready-made taxi business, or you want to launch a startup, you need to develop a taxi application for effective development and promotion.

With the mobile service you can:

  1. Reduce the number of staff (the main burden will not be on dispatchers, since taxis can be ordered online).
  2. Reduce operating costs (communications, rent of premises, etc.).
  3. Automate order acceptance and fulfillment.
  4. Control the execution of orders, which makes the business transparent.
  5. The ability to analyze the performance of drivers.

How to create a taxi app - basic steps

The development of a taxi mobile application takes place in several stages:

  1. A contract is being signed. It should contain the responsibilities of the parties, the deadlines, the main functions that should be in the application, the cost.
  2. The terms of reference are being drawn up (if the client does not have a ready one). It specifies and agrees on all the nuances of the project.
  3. A prototype is being developed. User scenarios are being worked out (where the client will click, which sections to enter, etc.). All elements, their placement and functionality are prescribed.
  4. The interface is rendered. Designers are working on visual design, all icons, elements, logo are drawn.
  5. Programming of the functional is in progress. Select language, engine, approach (native, cross-platform or hybrid).
  6. Server-side programming in progress. A roadmap is being built, a server architecture and an administrative panel are being created for easy management.
  7. Testing for a mobile taxi application is in progress. There is a search for bugs and errors, for their prompt elimination. Testing is carried out manually (with the help of a team of testers), and automatically (with the help of special programs).
  8. 2D and 3D content is being developed.
  9. The application is handed over and released, promotion works are carried out (publication in markets, use of marketing promotion tools, etc.).

System structure

The taxi ordering system consists of three parts: driver, passenger, administrator.

Let's look at each of them.

Developing a taxi app

Taxi driver app

First of all, in order for the user to place an order correctly, and the driver to react quickly, the latter must have a similar application installed, but with additional functions.

This will help the driver to receive orders, build routes and calculate the correct cost of the trip.

Features that should be in the application:

  1. Having a personal account.
  2. Travel accounting.
  3. Bonus accrual.
  4. Navigator for getting directions.
  5. Ability to see comments on the order.
  6. Accept order button.
  7. Communication with the passenger (chat, call).
  8. Contact support for complaints and questions.

Application for customers


The client must have access to the following functions:

  1. Online access to the application.
  2. Tracking the movement of the car (from where and where it goes).
  3. The cost of the trip.
  4. Tariff selection (business, comfort, normal, child).
  5. The ability to leave comments and indicate additional wishes.
  6. Situation on the road (for example, if the price of a trip is high, it should be marked - high demand).
  7. Driver rating.
  8. Select payment method.
  9. Machine brand.
  10. Machine delivery time.
  11. The ability to schedule a car (make an order for a specific date and time).
  12. Communication with the driver (chat, call).
  13. Contact support for complaints and questions.

Administrative application

In order for the owner or administrator to control the work processes of drivers, you need to add special features to the application:

  1. Reports on the work of drivers (diagrams and graphs). They will reflect the number of trips, opening hours, reviews, etc.
  2. Passenger data (contact details, application usage time, etc.).
  3. Interactive map to track orders online.
  4. Financial reports (profit, payroll reports, operating expenses - gas costs, car repairs, etc.).

Architectural structure

In addition to the mobile application, you need to create a server application. It is needed in order to collect and process all the data, and then send it to the mobile application. Data is managed through administrative panels.

The architecture consists of four parts:

  1. Database servers.
  2. Back-end part. Responsible for internal functioning.
  3. Front-end part (admin panel).
  4. Mobile applications

All elements are linked together via an API.

How much does it cost to develop a taxi app

The cost of developing a taxi app depends on many factors. The more complex the functionality of the application, the more time it will take to create. The cost is also influenced by factors such as:

  1. The application will be hosted on one or more platforms (Android, IOS, etc.).
  2. Which approach will be used (native, hybrid, cross-platform).
  3. Will promotion and promotion work be included.
  4. What will be the possibility of modification (limited or extended).
  5. Which server will host the application.

The price for developing a taxi application can vary from 500 thousand rubles to infinity.

How to choose the right studio?

In order to choose an application development company, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  1. Result of work (finished application, code, prototype).
  2. Whether the company is involved in helping to publish and promote the application.
  3. How much will the technical service cost after the release of the application.
  4. How does the development process take place, can it be controlled at each stage.
  5. Does the company have experience in developing an application for ordering a taxi.
  6. Are there cases and reviews from other clients.

Before, a taxi was something inaccessible. It was used on rare occasions due to its high price. Now it is a convenient service with affordable prices, so a person with any budget can place an order. Despite the convenience for passengers, competition among transportation companies has grown and new ways have to be invented to increase awareness. Developing a taxi app will help you stand out from other companies, attract additional traffic and increase brand loyalty.


Crocoapps editorial

Crocoapps editorial