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Important ranking factors - what are they and what is their role?

Crocoapps editorial

Crocoapps editorial

Reading time: 8 minutes

With the help of ranking factors, search engines such as yandex and google evaluate pages and determine the position in the search results.

Thanks to ranking algorithms:

  • search for sites that match the user's queries;
  • Resources that are useless for the user are removed from the first page of search results.

In order for search bots to put the resource in the TOP, focus on SEO promotion and the needs of visitors.

Basic principles in website ranking

Principles of site ranking in search

Only search engines will tell you how many factors are used. Experts identified five main ones:

  • trust;
  • reference;
  • commercial;
  • behavioral;
  • text.

By following the improvement recommendations for each category, you increase efficiency and promote the resource in the TOP SERPs.


Search ranking trust factors

Responsible for the indicator of user trust. They are constantly changing and should be improved as the site matures. These include:

  1. Security. Availability of an ssl certificate. This is a secure connection that keeps sensitive data securely encrypted.
  2. Age. The more the resource functions, the higher the trust.
  3. Quality of work. If there are constant interruptions, errors, long downloads - the visitor will leave. If problems occur, timely remedial measures are taken.
  4. Completeness of company or owner information. Information should be publicly available to users.


Link search ranking factors
  • working conditions (paid, free, barter);
  • no spam;
  • authority;
  • thematic similarity.

The increase in link mass should be natural and not arouse suspicion among search engines.


Commercial search ranking factors

Responsible for increasing user interest in the product. To do this, you need to make high-quality content:

  1. The presence of the "buy" or "order" button. It should be clearly visible and be located next to each product.
  2. Price. Without it, the search engine will not be able to rank the site according to the best option, and the client will switch to another resource without waiting for an answer on the cost.
  3. Detailed information about the company, product, terms of payment, delivery, additional services.
  4. Availability of contacts, directions.
  5. Proof of expertise (diplomas, certificates, testimonials).


This is the number and weight of the link mass. Links should be placed on a large number of authoritative resources.

Behavioral search ranking factors

Show what the visitor does.

Can be:

  1. Clickable. This is the indicator of the transition on the snippet (the description of the article in the issue), the number of returns back to the search line.
  2. Host. Show internal actions:
  • how many people came;
  • how long the visit took;
  • what did they do (ordered goods, filled out the application form, studied the characteristics);
  • bounce rate;
  • refund percentage.


Text search ranking factors

When indexing, search bots pay special attention to text content, so it is very important to check all text indicators:

  1. The content must be relevant to the user's query (that is, match it). Relevance can be assessed by the number of occurrences of the query in the text: the number of keywords, synonyms, text length.
  2. The page should contain quality content. In order to increase the ranking, you need to fill the resource with useful information for the user. All texts should be unique, with adequate use of keywords, without unnecessary water.
  3. Any article should have its own structure: headings, short description, subheadings. Lists, tables, infographics will be an advantage. This affects the user's visual experience, as solid text is boring to read.

Top 5 Search Engine Ranking Factors

There are basic factors that all search engines are guided by. However, Yandex and Google have differences in the importance and features of the assessment. There is a rating in which there are more than a hundred points, they are constantly changing and improving. Their influence depends on the positions of sites in the search results. Consider the TOP 5 factors in PS.

Top-5 Yandex

Top 5 ranking factors from Yandex

The Yandex search engine has rating factors that affect ranking. As we can see from the graph, the most important parameters are:

  1. Quality index. The level of usefulness of the site for the user.
  2. The number of pages in the index. The more pages indexed by the robot, the higher the position of the resource.
  3. Total Link Rank of links.
  4. Number of visits. The more the better.
  5. Huge assortment. The search engine gives preference to resources with a large number of positions, so that the user can accurately select the desired product or service.

Google ranking factors

Top 5 ranking factors from Google

As you can see, in Google rankings, other factors are paramount:

  1. Similar Web Country Rank. Site ranking for each country.
  2. Similar Web Global Rank. Comparison with competitors in the industry.
  3. Alexa Rank. The ratio of traffic indicators with the resources of competitors.
  4. Total Link Rank of links.
  5. The number of domains linking to the site. The more authoritative sources mention the resource, the higher the level of trust.

Each group of ranking factors is important for the effective operation of the site. To keep the rating consistently high, you need:

  • monitor updates to search engines;
  • constantly monitor the technical and seo performance of the site;
  • update;
  • monitor competitors;
  • continuous work to improve the quality of the resource.

Only if all recommendations are followed, the desired effect will be achieved.


Crocoapps editorial

Crocoapps editorial