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3D modeling

Crocoapps Studio offers the production of 3d models to order on favorable terms. Specialists will create a three-dimensional projection using sketches and drawings of the customer. Modeling of 3d characters for games is carried out using modern graphics programs. In addition, you can place an order for the production of a reduced copy of a real object. We offer to visualize your fantasies with the help of advanced CAD systems.

3d character animation is widely used in creating advertising content on commercial websites. Moscow — one of those cities where the service is in high demand.

  • Professional sculpting, high quality mesh. Only manual topology.
  • All types of texturing, including the creation of textures on a graphics tablet. No texture generators.
  • Export in any format. For convenience, render for each model from Marmocet.

750 rubles / hour

3D Modeling Features

If you want to order the development of 3d models in Moscow, please contact our company. Three-dimensional visualization can help in solving many technical and construction problems. Volumetric projection makes it possible to see complex details and architectural objects at the design stage.

The service is relevant for the following tasks:

  • creation of complex mechanisms in industry;
  • packaging development;
  • visual assessment of the operational characteristics of design objects;
  • creating animated characters.

The animation character model is created from the head, gradually moving down. In this case, at the first stage, a simplified version of the head, torso and limbs is drawn. The most difficult are the arms and legs of the character. Sculptural modeling is used to create virtual body parts. This is a special kind of art that involves the use of special software.

With the help of computer technology, our specialists create projections with a high level of detail. This allows you to get the most realistic images with a large number of fine details and curved surfaces.

Developing 3d projections

Our experts will create a drawing and then render the 2D sketch into a 3D image. The firm carries out a full cycle of works. Specialists are ready to develop terms of reference and model an object of any complexity.

Our works are widely used in foundries, industrial fields and scientific laboratories. Our projections can be used in animation for computer games or commercials. The cost of the service depends on the specific requirements of the customer and the complexity of the modeling.