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Children's games

Developing games for kids on mobile and PC is currently at its peak. Widely demanded in the market, this type of gaming industry draws in developers from different areas, even with zero experience in this area. The early development of a child plays a significant role in the life of both parents and the child himself. When and how to start developing our young talent. Many parents believe that the development of a child is an almost automated process: the child was born, learned to speak, walks, plays with cars and dolls, and then on his own. Some - that's all - it is still possible and necessary to start the sensitive period with the help of educational games, since the game is the first thing that the baby begins to understand during this period. But what kind of games it will be - computer or desktop is another question.

  • Applications for children aged 2 to 9 years.
  • Educational games for the little ones.
  • Educational materials aimed at the development of the child.

From 390 000 rubles

Games for kids

A fairly complex kind of application that is easy to make a mistake even before the development stage. The terms of reference should not just be detailed, it should take into account all the age characteristics of the children's audience: from the plot and characters to the color scheme. Currently, you can watch a lot of children's games in which even an adult player will fall into a stupor from the picture he sees.

Don't forget that children take a game too seriously, which can continue for them even after turning off the gadget. The main task of the developer here is to leave a positive impression of the game, and ideally, so that the child, having closed the game, learns something new. Whether the game is educational or just entertaining, it should provide the child with useful information or skills. Unfortunately, not all developers understand this.

Developing a children's game is a team effort. A game designer must come up with an idea that will eventually become an easily digestible product for an ordinary child (this includes the ease of learning, the complexity of the tasks, and the storyline). The designer must take into account that sharp colors are unacceptable for a child, sharp flickering of the screen is unacceptable, and active elements of the screen should not be cluttered. The task of the programmer is to ensure that each element of the game works clearly and without delay.

A special role should be noted for the tester: it is on him that the completed image of the game depends. This person needs not only to check the entire functionality of the product and find flaws, but also to make sure that the child will be comfortable in this game. Separately, it is worth mentioning the financial part - how will the developer earn? There are several options: Advertising within the game. It should be noted that ads in the children's application should not be intrusive or difficult to close.

Selling a game. It is enough to make a quality product so that the user does not regret spending a nominal fee on it (children's games are one of the cheapest). Free-to-play. It is understood that some of the functions of the game are paid, and with their help you can speed up the process of passing, solve some of the game tasks.

Regardless of the decision of the financial model, the development of children's games is a very profitable direction. The app market for children is now oversaturated, but it is still in demand by users. Another solution to help promote the game is to use franchises that are popular with children, or familiar and popular characters.

What to look for when choosing a kids game

How to choose the perfect game for your child? First of all, you need to decide what kind of game you need? Is it good for the child? What age of children is it intended for? Is it convenient for the child to play, is it interesting for him, is it safe for him? To answer all these questions, let's take a closer look at how a children's game is developed.

Good game development for children starts with a clear and detailed definition of the end user - that is, the child. Agree that there is a very serious difference between a child of four and six years old. Children develop very quickly, they change actively, therefore it is pointless to lay down a large age interval, the maximum age period that can be determined is two years. In addition to age, gender is also important - boys and girls have different interests, and they perceive information differently, although some games are interesting for children of both sexes.

Together with the children, look at the design of the future game. Children are willing to learn and respond positively to new forms and images. Unlike adults, they have less formed habits and expectations. However, the development of games for children should take into account the peculiarities of the child's perception of the world.

So, in a well-made product, text will play a minimal role (unless it's an educational game with words). The development of children's games necessarily includes the design of the menu in the most accessible and child-friendly form. It should be as simple as possible, not multi-level. If the menu consists of pictures or icons, then visually accessible items should be highlighted or highlighted in some other way, and for children under five years old, tasks and important points in a good game should be voiced.

Also, pay attention to the sound design of the product. It should be unobtrusive, without sharp, unpleasant sounds. These moments are especially important in educational games, where an additional learning moment can be invested in the sound response to actions or events. At the same time, the ability to play in silent mode should be available.

Kids Game Development

So what should be a modern children's game. The first thing that comes to mind is accessibility. Children's game should be adapted to the computer, phone and tablet. The last two are the most profitable for game development, as they are almost always at hand.

The game should be interesting for the little man. Agree that a boring children's game, where only numbers and mathematical signs are visible, is not as interesting as a new action game where the main character must collect all the treasures and receive points and prizes for this. So the child has motivation, he is interested in winning.

The game should develop and teach useful skills and knowledge. Of course, popping balloons in flight is fun, but when syllables appear from them and you need to compose words, the game becomes both useful and entertaining.

It would also be nice to limit the time of the game, clearly regulate the duration of one round or level of children's play.