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Application design

One ​​of the most effective and modern ways to advertise and interact with customers is a mobile application. According to statistics, after the introduction of such a tool in the company's activities, its annual turnover grows by at least 10% per year, so the design of the — popular service today. It will be useful for both existing projects and startups.

However, an application that can increase the productivity and income of a business must have a unique design, convenient and understandable management. That is why it is worth entrusting the development of the interface to professionals. The most common gadgets running on Android and IOS operating systems. Therefore, the majority of developed applications are written specifically for them.

  • 2D / 3D graphics, texturing, sculpting, concept art and interfaces.
  • Character animation, skeleton creation, skinning, turnkey sprite animation.
  • Creation of game locations and levels, characters, equipment, weapons and effects.

750 rubles / hour

How mobile app design works

Mobile application interface design starts with a study of the current market situation. This is necessary in order to determine which applications are already accustomed to using, and to develop a program that is convenient and familiar to users.

Next, designers do the following:

  • taking into account the wishes of the customer, a draft version of the application layout is created and corrected;
  • testing the mechanics of the developed layout;
  • the designer chooses the best interface option, develops an attractive icon;
  • one of the most difficult steps — combination of program code and application design;
  • final testing and fixing interface errors;
  • Delivery of the project and publication of the application in the stores.

What determines the price of a mobile app design in Moscow

Great mobile app design results in a positive impact in terms of customer growth, brand awareness, and revenue growth. The cost of the project depends on the contractor. Budget options involve a template design, impressive deadlines for completing the task, and a minimum number of staff involved in the project.

More successful organizations employ a team of designers and developers to create unique, compelling designs in a short amount of time. Such an online business transfer project will take the activity to a new level, giving access to a wide audience, and making potential customers real.