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Don't listen to those who say email marketing is a thing of the past. If you approach the matter wisely, mass mailing will give a stunning result. Marketers of the Crocoapps agency meticulously work out the sales funnel and create powerful email chains. We are guaranteed to activate your existing database and supplement it with new clients. Let's turn random customers into regular customers.

  • We will create and implement an effective email marketing strategy.
  • Let's create email templates and set up automatic mailing services.
  • We will increase key KPIs: Delivery Rate, Open Rate, CTR.

From 80 000 rubles

Email from agency

Email marketing is the oldest and most proven way to sell online. The constant evolution of tools, techniques and approaches do not allow mailing lists to sink into oblivion. As soon as a user buys a product once and leaves his contact details, he can already be considered a regular customer in absentia. Of course, provided that professional marketers get down to business.

Why businesses need email marketing

Mailing opens up a lot of opportunities for businesses. With its help, you can achieve the following goals:

  • increase in sales;
  • growth of the average check;
  • customer return;
  • increasing loyalty;
  • lead cost reduction;
  • building reputation;
  • collecting feedback from consumers;
  • timely informing customers;
  • creating the image of an expert in a niche;
  • improving payback;
  • setting up tracking of processes within the company.

Email marketers develop strategies based on business goals. It is not enough to repeat the actions described in someone else's case, because there are no 2 identical companies.

Types of emails used in bulk emails

Messages come in 4 types:

  1. Evented - inform about an action, for example, changing the status of an order.
  2. Periodic - promote specific goods and services, notify about promotions.
  3. Informational - mainly represented by collections of useful content from the corporate blog.
  4. Autoresponders - remind you of an unfinished order.

Depending on the combination of emails, the mailing result will change.

What is an email thread

A chain of emails in email marketing refers to a sequence of messages leading to a predetermined goal. Let's say you want to return customers who bought gaming laptops from you and increase the average check:

  • send a selection of games that have recently been released, with a description of the requirements;
  • Remind those who read that it would be nice to "upgrade" the laptop and the list of accessories available in your store;
  • send those who are interested send a promotional code for hardware;
  • thank customers for the purchase, provide a discount on accessories for gamers;
  • Ask for a product review.

The conversation shouldn't end there.

Email Marketing Steps

In our agency, we go through 10 stages in sequence:

  1. Briefing and preparation of TOR.
  2. Signing the contract.
  3. Analysis of the market, competitors.
  4. Segmentation of the existing database.
  5. Developing an engagement strategy for each segment.
  6. Integration of auto mailing services.
  7. Connecting and configuring analytics tools.
  8. Drawing and layout of letter templates.
  9. Writing content.
  10. Start mailing.
  11. Efficiency analysis.
  12. Compiling and submitting reports.

Price for email distribution in Moscow and CIS

When calculating the price, our managers are guided by:

  • base size;
  • length of email chains;
  • customer goals;
  • Scope of preparatory work.

Leave a request, we will contact you within an hour, discuss the details and send you a personal commercial offer.