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Integrated internet marketing

Crocoapps studio provides online business promotion services. We practice growth hacking approach. Our marketers will select the most effective digital tools suitable for your niche. We are guaranteed to increase the level of sales, reduce the cost of a lead, create a brand image and establish communication with the target audience. We are a full service agency. Here you can order both the development of the site and its promotion.

  • Based on the analysis of the market, competitors and target audience, we will develop a competent strategy.
  • Set clear and measurable KPIs. Execute the sales plan.
  • We will increase the volume of targeted traffic, increase the conversion rate.

From 50 000 rubles

Internet marketing from experienced professionals

Internet marketing includes all possible promotion tools in digital channels. At the same time, budget minimization is at the forefront. That is, the specialist must draw up such a strategy so that the customer's company receives the maximum number of leads at a lower cost.

Promotion steps

Our marketers divide the scope of work into 2 parts: strategic and tactical. The first - determines the positioning of the company, the direction of activity, sets long-term goals and KPIs. The second is responsible for achieving results.

Strategy includes:

  • analysis of properties, characteristics, strengths and weaknesses of the product;
  • assessment of competitors' activities in various channels;
  • studying the behavior of the target audience on the Web;
  • compiling a SWOT analysis;
  • defining differentiating attributes and USPs;
  • positioning formulation;
  • choice of tone of voice;
  • drawing up a road map with specific KPIs.

At the tactical stage, the strategy is divided into sub-stages. Choose tools to achieve your goals. It could be:

  • SEO - search engine promotion;
  • SERM - work with reputation;
  • SMM - promotion in social networks;
  • PR - building public relations;
  • PPC - paid advertising;
  • Email - mailing letters;
  • content marketing - promotion through the distribution of content;
  • influencer marketing - working with influencers;
  • Crowd marketing - attracting traffic from forums.

How much does internet marketing cost

Price depends on:

  • promoted product;
  • number and qualifications of involved specialists;
  • type of tools involved;
  • terms;
  • KPIs;
  • promotion region.

Order online marketing at Crocoapps right now, and we will conduct SEO and SMM audits for free. We are located in Moscow and provide services throughout the CIS.