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Voice over games

Computer games, which you can not only buy, but also download for free, have entered our lives and occupied a fairly large niche in it. game studios have to work really hard to make it fun to play. Voice acting for games — one of the important stages of development, a difficult process that gives them dynamics, a style that evokes pleasant emotions.

  • Professional voice acting for games and applications to order. High quality sound processing.
  • Voiceover of cartoons and films in our own audio recording studio.
  • Writing game tracks and sounds, fully cut and turnkey processed.

750 rubles / hour

Voice acting for computer games and video clips includes recording of actors' voices, processing of voice-over files, arrangement of files by time codes. The service also includes selection of sound effects, recording of music, songs, synchronization of sound and video. When submitting an application, you must specify the type of work, on which the execution speed and price will depend.

Crocoapps studio benefits

By ordering voiceovers from Crocoapps studio, you are guaranteed that:

  • background accompaniment of the scenes will correspond to the atmosphere of what is happening, reflect the actions of gamers;
  • you will receive high-quality music recordings covering the development of the entire storyline.

For a flawless result, we have:

  1. Modern technical base, equipped with everything you need.
  2. A large staff of specialists who will fulfill your order at a high professional level.
  3. The desire to work hard to get a good result.

Whatever we voice, be it strategy, action, racing or action games, the sound design will bring the atmosphere of reality into it. Sound effects and music for games, depending on the plot, can be fun, positive, or cause fear and tension.

We will replace the standard voice acting for World of Tanks with an alternative version to make it even more attractive, adapt it for a child or an adult. You can listen to audio in Russian (ru) or other languages ​​by choosing the appropriate option on our website.

Crocoapps studio offers to buy cheap music for the game or order the voice acting of the game in Moscow. You can contact our office or place an order online.