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PR service

Marketers of the Crocoapps agency have been developing and implementing PR strategies for brands for more than 5 years. We help companies become top of mind. We formulate and communicate positioning, increase awareness and loyalty. Our advertising and PR campaigns are highly viral. We guarantee WOW effect. With us, you will firmly gain a foothold in the market.

  • We will develop and implement a PR strategy, quickly achieve goals.
  • We will form a stable demand for your products and services.
  • We will attract bloggers on the most favorable terms for you.

From 30 000 rubles

Our approach to PR promotion

PR is designed to increase the number of consumers of goods or services. With it, brands broadcast positioning and fix it in the minds of potential customers. We keep in focus the main goal of PR, namely, the growth of the company's profits. We try to minimize costs and achieve the highest possible conversion.

PR tools we use

Crocoapps specializes in white hat and gray methods. We are categorically against black PR. Let's clarify the difference. "White" PR is obvious, users immediately understand that they have custom material in front of them. This category includes: articles, press releases, cross-posting in social networks, promotions.

Grey PR is more native, it conveys the brand message more accurately. This is by no means a hoax, but simply an attempt to reduce the negative perception of advertising. Typical examples are integration with Instagram and YouTube bloggers, crowd marketing, product placement.

"Black" PR - worsening the image of competitors, spreading rumors and demonstrating other people's "skeletons". We firmly believe that you should not stoop to the use of such methods. A reputation once lost cannot be bought for any amount of money.

How we promote brands

We work according to a well-established scheme:

  1. Having a briefing.
  2. Concluding an agreement.
  3. Analyzing competitors.
  4. We study the current position of the brand in the market.
  5. We conduct an in-depth analysis of the target audience.
  6. Composing a PR strategy.
  7. We write a media plan and calculate the cost of PR activities.
  8. We draw the promo design, generate texts.
  9. We do sowing on the sites.
  10. We work with user reviews and reactions.
  11. Analyzing KPIs.
  12. Sending reports to the client.

Good PR is the result of a well-coordinated team of experienced professionals.

How much does a PR service cost in our agency

Price depends on:

  • level of competition in a niche;
  • type of promoted product;
  • number of sowing areas;
  • campaign timing;
  • business goals.

To order a PR promotion service, contact our manager. He will send you a personalized estimate.