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Logo development

Crocoapps designers will quickly and inexpensively design a corporate logo for your company. We also provide branding and naming services. Turning to our studio, nameless organizations turn into powerful brands. We will give a recognizable, unique style to your business. With our help, you will stand out from the competition.

  • We will reflect the positioning of your company, its mission and values in the logo.
  • We will give your products and services differentiating attributes.
  • When developing, we will take into account the features of displaying on offline and online media.

From 60 000 rubles

Logo and corporate identity design

There are more and more goods and services every day. The level of competition is growing. In fact, consumers choose from a number of identical companies. In such a tough competitive environment, businesses need to differentiate themselves. The logo and corporate identity help to stand out.

Who needs a logo and why

A unique mark is needed for all brands that want to gain a foothold in the market. This is the first step towards building a brand. The logo allows you to achieve a number of goals, namely:

  • reflect the scope of the company;
  • render positioning;
  • increase awareness;
  • increase loyalty;
  • save on advertising by reducing the required number of promo touchpoints;
  • stand apart on a shelf;
  • increase sales.

With the logo and corporate identity, products get distinctive features. It is easier for consumers to recognize a product, they find it easier in stores, which means they buy more. It has been proven that the level of trust in companies with a high-quality logo is higher than in non-names.

Logo creation steps

Our team divides the logo design process into 11 consecutive steps:

  1. Client filling in the brief.
  2. Discussion of details.
  3. Compilation of terms of reference for logo design.
  4. Signing the contract.
  5. Market and competitor analysis
  6. Formulation of ideas, selection of visual associations.
  7. Draw rough and finish sketches.
  8. Design creation of 3-5 concepts with examples of display on media (website, advertising products, promotional materials, signs, textiles, etc.)
  9. Presentation of results to the customer.
  10. Selecting a working concept and refining it.
  11. Transfer of the finished logo and layouts to the client.

A team consisting of a manager, marketer, art director, illustrator, technical designer is working on the project.

Logo price in Moscow

Cost is based on a number of factors. The price is affected by:

  • logo development timeline;
  • complexity of tasks;
  • number of thumbnails;
  • number of concepts;
  • number of examples on media;
  • professional level of specialists;
  • individual customer requirements.

Would you like to know a specific amount? Leave a request, our manager will make you a personal calculation.