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Android application development

Crocoapps studio invites you to develop your own Android application at a fair price - from 300,000 rubles. This amount includes absolutely any non-network application on this platform without the cost of graphics. Android development is by far the most popular form of app development. This is mainly due to the availability of the site, for example, the cost of an Android developer account is only $25, which is four times cheaper than an iOS account. And also, mobile development for Android is more flexible and moderation on Google Play is much easier.

  • Free creation of a developer account and display in the Play Market.
  • Lifetime warranty against bugs and errors. Any service changes.
  • Support on all Android devices and adaptive layout for all interfaces.

From 300 000 rubles

Development of applications for android is carried out by the Crocoapps studio in the shortest possible time. First prototype in 2 weeks. With a good technical task, the whole process, including testing, takes a month and a half.

Android development

This is a modern way to invest in a new market that is growing very fast. Three of the four applications created are for the Android platform.

Android app development is a complete mobile app lifecycle:

  • Concept and design document
  • Terms of Reference
  • Server architecture and API
  • Admin panel
  • Implementation of analytics systems
  • Client
  • Publish to Google Play
  • Application service and promotion

According to China Mobile Dev, by 2020, the share of the Android platform in the mobile device market will be more than 90 percent.

Android App Development Cost

The cost usually depends on many factors, here are some of them:

  1. Multiplayer
  2. Artificial intelligence
  3. Integration with CPM
  4. External APIs
  5. Rankings and tournament system
  6. Matchmaking

These are the main tasks that directly affect the development time of a mobile application.

Creating an Android app

This is a job for professionals. With extensive experience and qualified staff. Our studio has developed more than thirty mobile applications for the Android platform. We know all the nuances and subtleties of development, and we can also advise and help you make the right decision. Order the development of a game for Android. Trust us - and we will not let you down.