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Creation of games and applications for VKontakte

Crocoapps Studio provides services for the development of games and applications for VK. We will give you a powerful tool to promote goods and services. With it, you can increase the level of sales and, as a result, increase the profitability of the business. Our specialists will quickly, efficiently and inexpensively create an embedded or Standalone application for VKontakte, and marketers will develop an effective strategy for its promotion.

  • We will find unoccupied niches and generate ideas that will “shoot”.
  • Let's create an exciting application or promotional game for VK.
  • We will promote the product and gather a multi-million audience.

From 200 000 rubles

Developing applications for VK

VKontakte took the lead in 2008 and is not going to slow down. Updates are released almost every month, opening up new horizons for both ordinary users and business representatives.

Promoting groups and launching campaigns are obvious VK sales tools. But there are more original ways to improve your financial situation. These include the development of applications and games for VK.

Who needs a VK app and why

It is difficult to evaluate the whole range of tasks that an application based on the VK API can solve. For convenience, we will divide the list of opportunities into conditional groups: a brand and a startup.

1. VK apps for brands

If you represent an operating company, you will be able to:

  • increase sales volume;
  • expand the reach of the advertising campaign;
  • draw the attention of users to your brand;
  • improve engagement KPIs;
  • detach from competitors;
  • save on advertising in the future;
  • increase loyalty.

2. VK application as an idea for a startup

If you don't have a business yet, the VKontakte app can become one. Income from monetization is a good option to increase your own well-being. Based on the application or game is quite real:

  • open an online store of real goods;
  • implement a platform for advertising;
  • sell in-game items;
  • offer users to buy add-ons and functionality extensions (subscriptions to something).

How much does a VK app cost

The cost is determined by the amount of work, as well as the complexity of the tasks. Fill out the brief, the manager will contact you and make an estimate based on your input.

Please note that Crocoapps is a hell of a deal to work with. We not only develop turnkey games and applications, but also provide support for 6 months. For six months we will maintain the stability of the product for free!