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Integration Options


Sample Integration

Synchronization of the online store and 1C by basic means, without changing the source code. Suitable for companies using standard software and unmodified CMS modules.


Atypical integration

Working with customized databases. Our programmers adjust the standard exchange to the modernized accounting program, solve possible problems.
Atypical integration of Bitrix with 1C costs more than a typical one. The price of the service is calculated individually and fixed before the start of work.

What tasks does 1C Bitrix solve?

1C integration with the site optimizes business processes in several areas.


Linking the product catalog of an online store with a catalog in 1C.

All positions entered into the 1C Trade Management or 1C Trade Management system are displayed on the company's website. For each product, its properties are correctly unloaded.


Timely update of data.

Prices, balances, characteristics of goods are automatically synchronized in the accounting program and on the website, even if trading is carried out simultaneously through the Internet resource and directly through 1C.


Transferring orders from the site directly to 1C.

Managers do not have to manually enter orders from the online store into the system. The risk of errors is reduced to zero. Save time on routine data processing.


Informing customers about the status of an order.

The customer receives information about the progress of the processing of his purchase immediately after updating the data in the database. The level of confidence in the company is increasing. The manager spends less time tracking orders.


Simplification of accounting.

Invoices for online sales are generated directly in the accounting program on a single request.

Integration cost

The following factors influence the price of site integration with 1C:

  • version of the program being used;
  • the current state of accounting in the enterprise;
  • volume of the product catalog, types of products, number of characteristics;
  • sync type - type or non-type;
  • urgency of execution.

Before starting work, we study your accounting system, give recommendations on how to improve it. You approve the final list of tasks, on which the final payment for our services depends. To find out the details of budgeting, please contact our manager.

Stages of integration


Application processing.

You send us your wishes for setting up 1C integration with Bitrix. We study the current situation, put forward professional recommendations.
At this stage, we need access to the system and the site. To maintain the confidentiality of commercial information, we sign an NDA agreement.


Writing a technical task.

Based on the collected information and your requirements, we create a pool of specific tasks for synchronizing Bitrix with the corporate accounting system.


Modernizing the website template.

Preparing the resource - editing the directory structure, connecting additional modules.


Configuring the upload of goods to Bitrix.

We transfer the entire range of products with characteristics and descriptions to the catalog of the online store. Set up automatic database updates according to the schedule.


Order Sync.

Connecting the customer information system. Order statuses are loaded from 1C to the user's personal account immediately after they are updated. If desired, you can set up status change notifications via instant messengers or email.


Testing, accepting results.

Checking synchronization with automatic and manual tests. We train employees of the company to work with the program. If everything suits you, we sign the work acceptance certificate.

Question answer

  • What guarantees do you provide?

    We work under an official contract, which fixes all obligations and guarantees. Our employees also sign a confidentiality agreement for customer data.

  • Can your specialist temporarily replace our full-time 1c programmer?

    Yes, often such work is carried out according to the outstaff system.

  • Do your employees have 1c certificates?

    Yes, our programmers have documents confirming that they have passed certification exams for 1c programs.

  • Why is your service more profitable than hiring a full-time specialist?

    There are two main reasons for this. First, our employees perform your tasks when necessary. They do not stand idle and do not go on vacation or sick leave at the wrong time. Secondly, the cost of an hour of 1 hour of an outsourced or outstaffed programmer is lower due to the reduction of HR costs and tax deductions.


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