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When is localization required?

If you are planning to bring your product to the international market, you cannot do without a competent translation. But localization is not only about changing the interface language. This is the adjustment of all content, taking into account the peculiarities of the culture and rules of the country in which the application is launched.

With the help of adaptation we achieve:

  • audience loyalty;
  • ranking increase in marketplaces;
  • improving conversion, increasing monetization.

Special attention is given to local versions if the software is released in countries that are significantly different from the country of the developer. For Russian studios, these are, for example, China and Japan. The final version of the product for these regions must be tested with native speakers.

Application Localization Process


You are submitting a request.

Describe your wishes - by phone, via e-mail or in the feedback form.


We are getting acquainted with the project.

We study the subject, structure. Researching the local market and competitors. We select employees - manager, translator, programmer, tester.


We are doing the main work on localization.

Compiling a list of improvements. We do the translation of all application screens through service files. If necessary, we organize continuous localization in the software development process. With such a scheme of cooperation, new material is constantly transferred from the programmer to the translator and vice versa. As a result, its localized version will be completely ready for the release of the application.


Checking the result.

Proofread and edit the translated text. We confirm the correctness of the material.


Creating a customized build.

Making changes to the program interface, loading new content. Android and iOS localization of applications is not much different even at this stage, although it has its own nuances.


Testing the final version, modifying if necessary.

Analyzing the final build. We involve native speakers to check the details of adaptation.


Arranging release and support.

Releasing the finished product to the market. We provide technical support under the contract.

App Localization Cost

The price of localization depends on a number of factors:

  • languages to work with;
  • volume of texts;
  • translation format - continuous localization or one-time services;
  • app theme;
  • number of changes made to the interface;
  • need for proofreading by native speakers.

To order a detailed calculation of the cost of the service, contact our manager in a convenient way: by phone, email or feedback form.


  • What file formats do you use in your work?

    We work with all types of OS service files responsible for localization: .xml, .strings, .po, .plist, .php, .json, .ini, .csv, .js, .xlf and others. Our employees know how to process lines of code and understand what kind of content is to be translated.

  • What languages do you translate into?

    As part of the service, we offer all the most common languages - English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese.

  • Do you help with app promotion?

    You can order the ASO optimization service in our studio in the AppStore and GooglePlay marketplaces for the required regions.

  • What OS are you working with?

    Localization of applications on Android is required more often than on iOS. This is due to the wider adoption of Android among users around the world. The process of adding new language content in this operating system is standardized and, as a rule, does not cause problems.
    Localizing iOS applications is not much more difficult and is also popular.


Application development application

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