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What are the goals of the manager

The job of the manager is to coordinate the work of the team to improve the three key performance indicators.



A product should initially be designed in such a way that a minimum of errors are found in it during testing and release. To do this, the PM builds a clear system for setting and controlling tasks based on Scrum.



Cost control allows you to quickly bring software to payback, not create cash gaps, and generally not go into a loss.



Many marketing management processes of project management depend on the time of software release, so the PM carefully controls the observance of development deadlines. Tactical and operational planning helps him in this.

Project Management Process

Project management includes the following steps.


Collecting a pool of tasks, highlighting stages.

We divide the path to achieving the goal into specific sections - sprints. After the completion of each sprint, we demonstrate the intermediate result to the customer. We control the execution of work through the task tracker.


Effective distribution of roles in a team.

Among the available employees, we select specialists with the experience most relevant to completing assigned tasks. We assign a team leader who is responsible for the quality of development.



We set up convenient communication channels within the team and with customer representatives.


Building a motivation system.

Determine the KPI of performers, set the size of motivational payments. We monitor the performance of developers.


Financial management.

We distribute the budget by expense items, we are looking for development tools that are optimal from a financial point of view. We adjust the course of product creation in order to reduce costs.


Market research, competitor experience.

We conduct environmental analysis to improve our own business performance. We implement the best solutions in the project when developing a management system.



Let's build a reporting scheme, maintaining a balance between productive control and bureaucratization. We reflect all important indicators in documents.

Project management methods


Vector control.

Suitable for small, standard projects. At the start of development, its general direction is set, the required result is determined. Next, the creation of the product begins directly, coordinated by the team members themselves. This method requires a minimum amount of resources, but does not always guarantee strict adherence to deadlines and budget boundaries. Often start-ups and firms with little funding resort to vector management.


Straight path.

The project has a clear development path. When deviating from a given trajectory, management applies tools that return development to its original tracks - edits the terms of reference, expands the team, etc. The method works well for companies with a limited budget or tight time frames for software development.


Positional adjustment.

With this system, yaw is not corrected towards the original vector. Instead, the PM paves a new path towards the target. For example, changing team members or shifting the deadlines for work sprints. This is a flexible and mobile method that is suitable for large companies, long-term projects.



Here, the focus is not only on building a development path, but also on increasing the productivity of performers, as well as building communications within the team. Optimal use of internal resources allows you to overcome the negative impact of external circumstances. The manager performs more of an observational rather than a controlling function.


The method of project management in information technology affects the following components:

  • budget planning;
  • the level of control of performers by management;
  • document flow and reporting;
  • The system under which the project is conducted (for example, Scrum or Kanban), as well as the corresponding tools for setting and accepting tasks.

We create an individual implementation plan for each case in our studio. In addition, it is possible to provide qualified outstaff managers to organize the creation of software with your internal resources.

Digital project management directly affects the success of a future product. Therefore, it should be entrusted to specialists with experience.

Project Management Cost

A number of factors affect the price of a service:

  • volume and complexity of development;
  • urgency of implementation;
  • interaction format - outsource or outstaff;
  • tools used.

To find out the cost of project management in your case, contact us by phone, email or via the feedback form on the website. We will process your application within one business day and contact you with further details.


  • What project management software do you use?

    We plan and set tasks in our own developed task tracker AppTask. This is a convenient program for the distribution and control of work on Scrum, Agile, Kanban systems. If desired, development can be carried out in your CRM.

  • What is more profitable - outstaff or outsourcing?

    Personnel outstaff allows you to fill in the missing internal resources of the company. With this approach, you temporarily “hire” our employee to perform your tasks. Outsourcing involves the creation of turnkey software from our side. You only control and accept the result.

  • What guarantees do you provide?

    Before starting work, we conclude a formal contract, which specifies all our responsibilities for software development.

  • What additional services do you offer?

    In addition to project management and information management, we are engaged in development, Internet marketing, localization of IT products. Our employees can create software from scratch or modify existing solutions.

  • How long does development take?

    Depending on the volume of the program, the complexity of the implemented functions, software creation takes from three months to a year. Approximate terms are negotiated at the planning stage.


Application development application

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