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Electronic admission committee

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Project development time

6 months

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Year of project development

2020 year

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Project's budget

$ 23,846

Project description

Genre: Student platform

Platform: WEB (Browser Game) 2.5D (Isometric)

Localization: Russian

Style: Cartoon

Architecture: Browser Game

Mandatory requirements: Internet access, a mobile phone with a modern operating system no older than Android 8.0 or IOS 13.6




Develop a browser version of the platform and adapt it to mobile devices


Make convenient and easy character control


Develop a filing system

About Company

Company Description

Synergy University has been successfully operating for 30 years, and during this time 70,000 graduates graduated from the educational institution. We have 120 branches in Russia and other countries, which means that students have the opportunity to receive a quality education without leaving far from home. The university has 21 faculties and more than 200 educational programs, so you will surely be able to choose the program that is most suitable for you. Students can take advantage of employment programs starting from the first year, which helps to combine theoretical knowledge with practical skills.

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Our command

Usatov Andrey

Usatov Andrey

Project manager

Nozhin Vitaly

Nozhin Vitaly


Error Ivan

Error Ivan

3D designer

Ekaterina Kostanyan

Ekaterina Kostanyan

Back developer

Shimanskaya Ekaterina

Shimanskaya Ekaterina





Multilayer isometric location. Each element is drawn separately, after rendering it is attached to the desired layer. It is important that in the isometric view, the elements of the location are always behind the player character.

Screen map


Character selection

Character selection

Synergy is a modern and international university with students from 50 countries around the world. Personalization allows you to choose the type of game character and its appearance.

Faculty selection

The manager (AI) will tell you in favor of which faculty it is better to make a choice after listening to the student. In a playful way, but behind the picture, there is a real university manager who will answer all questions in correspondence and tell you about available training programs.


How it works

In a pandemic, students enter the university remotely. After registering on the site, the applicant enters the guest room of the university, using the arrows of the keyboard or mouse keys, he approaches the manager, who helps to determine the faculty, issues various game tasks, accepts documents for admission, actually assigning a dedicated manager to the applicant.



What difficulties did you face in implementing this project?

Isometrics is a game format that has already been studied for us, however, every time an isometric project surprises us from different angles. In this project, it was difficult to realize the second floor, which covered the first one in layers. In total, at a certain point on the second floor, there were more than 12 layers.

How did you prepare the content?

First, we developed the concepts of characters, employees of the Synergy University. Further, according to the concepts, 3D models of characters were created and textured. Then they rendered at the right angle into sprites. Then sprites were collected into atlases, after which post-processing was carried out. And such sequences were inserted into the game, tying animations to controls.


Customer feedback

On behalf of Synergy University, and first of all on my own behalf, I want to sincerely thank you for developing a new game interface for our admissions committee.

We are confident that applicants will appreciate this approach to admission and submission of documents, and our desire to keep up with the times and come up with something new.

I express hope for our further cooperation, and also confirm my readiness to build mutually beneficial relations and take part in the creation of new projects for our students.

Director for Development of Educational Programs - D. D. Zaitsev

September 20, 2019