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PC игра под Steam: Битва Гладиаторов
Game description

Steam PC Game: Gladiator Battle

Project "Gladiators Battle" is a multiplayer online server game with character control. The basis of the game is the confrontation of players in the arena, by analogy with gladiator fights. The project is available both on smartphones and tablets.

High level of realism in graphics and gameplay, allows players to feel for themselves every event and action of their gaming alter ego, whether it's a solo fight or a battle in a team. There are many combat characters to choose from. By purchasing ammunition and weapons, the player can create his own individual hero. The battle takes place within the game location and with many opponents at the same time.

Budgets and timelines


12 months


$ 146,666

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Game features
  • The kinematics of human movement is preserved, which equates the game to real fights between people. The game can become more colorful and 100% safe analogue of classic sports fights
  • Player does not risk physical damage
  • The game can promote sports among young people
  • A unique combat system that allows you to fully control your weapon, both while attacking and while blocking. The ability to perform several actions in parallel (hit + block; block + hit + step; hit with a shield; hit in a jump, etc.)
  • Photorealistic graphics and effects, if desired, will allow you to see every blade of grass under your feet, a notch on a blade, or a brick of a gigantic clan castle. (For PC version)
  • Battles, taking into account the most realistic physics, will give the brightest emotions
  • The game is focused on the Ancient historical era - ancient Rome
  • There are no ranged weapons in the game
  • The player can create an unlimited number of characters at the same time
  • Only mobile players can be present in mobile battles
Types of gladiators

The characters that are initially available to players do not have armor, they have a standard sword and clothes. At the start, the player is given several coins of gold or silver, for which he can make a purchase in the store.

Weapons and armor

A feature of the game, unlike other sparring simulators, is the ability to purchase ammunition and weapons after participating in battles.
When buying a weapon - it appears on its owner. We attach each weapon and armor to the character model to check the visual similarity with the character model.


Prototype character inventory window
Online game
  • Fights take place in the arena, similar to gladiator fights
  • 2 teams play against each other. The number of players in a team is determined by the player who opens the game. The maximum number of participants is 10 people (5x5). Available game modes 1x1, 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5.
  • The player opens the game, selects the location, the start time of the battle. The game automatically starts when all the participants of the game are filled
  • The winning team receives points for the victory, which can be spent on buying ammunition and weapons, as well as +1 battle in statistics
  • There is training in the network game - the "sandbox" mode. The player opens a new battle or joins an already started battle (if there are free places). The battle goes on constantly, after death, after 10-20 seconds the player is reborn and continues the battle with a full level of lives. You can insert a commercial while waiting for a respawn
  • In sandbox mode, the body does not lie on the ground, but disappears for five seconds with the animation of the soul, which flies into the sky, or transparently disappears
  • The very first login to the game requires an internet connection
Prototype and interface design concept

Based on the provided description of how the interface works, a list of tasks (user scenarios) that the user can perform within the interface is generated. The resulting list of steps forms the basis of the interface structure. The number of screens, their brief content and position in the overall structure become known. In most cases, we make a schematic prototype.

In the prototypes, functionality is planned, the arrangement of page elements relative to each other. Next, a design concept is developed, it can be presented in any volume, but we try to minimize it to save time. Usually a concept is represented by 1-3 interface screens.

Once the concept design has been approved, it's time to design all other UI screens. A design concept is a suggestion of what the entire interface might look like. When the turn comes to the design of all screens, then the finalization of the appearance takes place: it becomes clear whether the font size or leading is chosen correctly, whether the thickness of the lines of icons and text is well combined, whether the design of forms (buttons, input fields) conflicts with other elements of the screen, and many other cases.

1 - character creation screen. 2- level loading screen. 3- choice of battle mode.

In addition to the game, we have developed a multifunctional website fully synchronized with the game. Single authorization, tournament system. ratings and personal account.

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