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A group of mobile applications for the manufacturer of facing LEGO bricks - 3D Brick


Project's budget

$ 14,615

Time spent on the project

4 months

Implementation date


Goals and objectives of the project

Make it easier for customers to choose

An on-site manager of the company or an employee of the office will help you choose the optimal color and quantity of bricks using the application.

Create a fast and convenient application

Cross-platform development, optimized server - the key to quality work.

Add new features that are not on the site

For example, the opportunity to try on the color on the future wall of your house.


In the course of development, we selected the optimal set of tools, thanks to which we managed to fulfill the tasks set by the client and significantly reduce the time:


The composition of the project team




Project manager




UX/UI designer




PHP developer




Unity developer

The Color Brick app is a kind of tool for clients and buyers. It allows you to calculate the number of facing bricks that are required for the future home in two clicks, as well as try on the color of interest directly on the wall. Convenient, simple and most importantly - fast.

With the application you will be able to:

Choose brick color


Decide on a masonry pattern


Export result


Order a brick


Another application - Create House


Create House application - allows you to build the walls of the future house directly on the phone screen, literally swiping your fingers across the screen. A couple of swipes - and you can customize the finished wall. We set the length, height and get the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe house in m2, as well as in m3. An elementary order form - and the application is in your hands. This application is a tool for other franchised manufacturers.


With the application you will be able to:

Create the necessary objects of appropriate sizes


Keep count of materials


Edit and Delete


Allows sales managers to design a house together with the buyer, discussing with him all the details (color, size, walls, etc.)

We had several tasks on the application's capabilities, and here's how we solved them:


Counting the number of bricks and colors

With the help of computer technology, we have created a special calculator for building material parameters, which will greatly facilitate the work with the application.


Quick Plan

We have developed a system for automatically creating walls when you swipe your finger across the screen: the user can easily and quickly create a plan of his room.


Ordering materials

After completing all the calculations, the user knows how much material he needs to buy and how much it will cost to implement his architectural plans. He can place an order right away.

21 layouts

3 applications from the application per day

34% increase in conversion

+ 21% Order Fulfillment

Interview with the project manager

What difficulties did you face in implementing this project?

Implementing the mechanism for building walls, including windows and doors, on the Unity game engine is not an easy task. On the other hand, there were no pitfalls, they did it quickly and efficiently.

What would you change if you started development again?

We would replace the game engine with native development. But the customer insisted on the implementation in Unity.

Customer feedback

We are certainly flattered when the customer is satisfied with the results of cooperation. This means that we were able to bring his ideas to life:

“We developed two applications, helped set up payments on the site, added everything to the App Store and Google play ourselves. Am I satisfied? Like an elephant!

Marchuk V.I.

General Director of LLC "Brik-stanok"

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