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Clouds & Sheep 2

Development of mobile games, gameplay design,
Optimization for different platforms


63 900 $


8 months




Project overview

Clouds & Sheep 2 is an enchanting game in which players take care of a flock of sheep and manage the weather conditions for their well-being. The project required a creative approach to game design to offer players of all ages an entertaining and addicting gaming experience.


Challenges and solutions

Gameplay variety: Development of many unique and interactive elements to make every aspect of sheep care entertaining and exciting.

Cross-platform optimization: Ensure that the game runs smoothly on various mobile devices and at the same time guarantees high graphics and performance quality.

Intuitive control: Create a simple and intuitive user interface that makes the game accessible to a wide audience.



Clouds & Sheep 2 has become a favorite among mobile players due to its addictive gameplay, attractive graphics and funny characters. The game received positive reviews for its originality and high quality execution and became an excellent example of a successful mobile game.

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Technologies that we use

We use the latest tools that have proven themselves in our work.

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