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Cheerful sticky - Bubble Man

Bubble Man is a single player game. The goal of the game is to break the balls. Place barriers in front of the bouncing balls that separate the balls into smaller ones. In the end, there will be nothing left of the balls. For success, you need, above all, quick reflexes and forethought. If you are slow, the game will help you improve your reaction time. Run from side to side and try to shoot the balls without getting hit by them.
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Main parameters:

Game genre: Arcade

Game platforms: Android

Game engine: Unity

Target audience: Children (4+)

Game process

The artists drew 20 game locations, three types of characters, a game interface and about 10 related art. Funny game mechanics, combined with fun background music will cheer you up for the whole day.


We decided to develop on Unity 3d, in combination with a server on php, we got a reliable, simple and stable solution.

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Similar projects are created in 3-4 months, without any problems and surprises from the development side. On this project, we applied the correct, proven solutions that allowed us to avoid problems in the rating tables, synchronization with the server, and packet loss.

Tasks we have solved

Even small projects in total consist of more than 500 tasks:

Developed a fun design, locations, characters
Programmed Front and Backend
Created and implemented a marketing plan

The gameplay is designed for several tens of hours, allows you to brighten up a couple in the evening and have fun at levels of varying difficulty.


How many people were involved in the development of the project?

Two developers (Unity, php), two designers, one game designer

What about project progress?

We have compiled and implemented a marketing plan for the development of the game in social networks, through influencers and bloggers.



$ 6,666


Game designer, coder, Unity programmer, 3D and 2D artists


4 months


Many thanks to Crocoapps for a job well done. We met the deadlines, as promised.

It is comfortable to work with them - they always meet halfway.

I look forward to further cooperation.

We wish you creative success!

Team "Renta" - Velichko V.I.

2019 year