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Voxel Poxel - .io genre #

Voxel Poxel - .io genre

the game received an award in the gold app competition

In 2020, the project won the competition «Golden App», the jury gave the game VoxelPoxel the highest score - 5.

game description

We were faced with the task of developing a multiplayer game for Android and iOS, combining the mechanics of such bestsellers as: Pac-Man, Agario Snales Io, Crossy Roads. The main goal in Voxel Poxel is to defeat the enemy with the help of successful strategic and tactical decisions. Available modes 1x1, 5x5, FFA. The player can take part in online or single games.

Creating a Layout

The product is aimed at a wide audience, so it was important to work out the interface so that even a child could play. We created simplified mockups and tested their perception on different target audience segments.

Development process

We organized the process according to a scheme that has been tested on dozens of projects. Thanks to it, we significantly reduce the development time, as well as control all stages of the project life cycle and minimize risks.

Number of specialists involved
Project manager, Coder, Unity programmer, 3D and 2D artists
Amount of TIME SPENT
6 months
Technologies used
Project's budget
$ 33,333
Example of Used Audio Package
Audio package example
game features
Juicy .io genre
Game content
We chose a cartoonish, pixelated style. The idea is to play with the visual effects trend of the late 80s in an unconventional way. The game provides more than 20 unique characters and locations for each mode.
#God dandelion
#Robin Hood
Yours among strangers
1st FFA place
1st place in 1х1 - 5х5
Win 10 1v1 games
Fluffy newbie
Top 100 ranking table
Bunny Fighter
Top 50 leaderboard
Plush leader
Get into the top 10
Battle King
Top 1 ranking table
First blood
Complete a match in 1v1 mode
3 games in "1x1" mode
Time to dress up
Buy a skin
Play in 5v5 mode
Big win
Win 1000 matches in any mode
Win 1000 matches in any mode
Readiness number one
Unlock all skins
Crush them all!
Kill 50 AI Enemies

Who is the target audience of the project?

The game is aimed at children over 10 years old, as it does not contain restrictive content. The product has an additional appeal for users who have played old generation arcade games.

What is the project's business model?


What methods of monetization are provided?

The key monetization mechanisms are: buying in-game currency (coins), buying loot, renting a premium account, in-app advertising. Also thought out are the mechanics that stimulate the attraction of new solvent users (referral program, bonuses, etc.)

What was the most difficult part of the project?

To think over a competent server architecture that can withstand heavy loads. To do this, we use a highly optimized version of Unet, refined and capable of holding up to 1000 users on a single server. In general, the development of mobile games and applications in the .io genre is quite demanding on the experience and skill of a server developer.

Customer feedback

The team gave it 100%. I came with a vague idea and a desire to make a cool project. The specialists helped finalize the concept and implemented it very quickly. I liked the approach to business, and also the fact that I was invited to planning meetings. I watched the development going on and didn't worry about the result.

Crocoapps develops native and cross-platform games and turnkey mobile applications. We have been on the market for more than 10 years and have perfected internal processes to perfection. A full team is assigned to the project. All stages are implemented in-house by our full-time specialists, we do not involve freelancers. After the release, we provide a wide range of services for the promotion of mobile applications and games: from ASO to CPI.