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Lock's Quest

Game development, gameplay design
Graphic design


49 700 $


7 months




Project overview

Lock's Quest is a strategy game in which players build fortresses and defend against enemies. The project required careful gameplay design to ensure both strategic depth and accessibility for new players.


Challenges and solutions

Strategic planning: Development of construction and defense mechanisms that enable players to be creative in defending their fortresses.

Graphic design: Create a unique visual aesthetic that highlights the theme and atmosphere of the game.

Difficulty balance: Adjust the balance between accessibility for beginners and challenge for experienced players.



Lock's Quest has attracted attention due to its unique combination of strategic gameplay and creative design. The game received positive reviews for its depth, originality and high quality graphics and became one of the outstanding examples in the genre of strategy games.

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Technologies that we use

We use the latest tools that have proven themselves in our work.

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