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One hand Clapping

Game development, audio interactive design,
User interface


55,000 $


9 months




Project overview

One Hand Clapping is an innovative adventure game in which players use their voice to interact with the game world. The aim of the project is to create a unique gaming experience in which the audio input plays a key role.


Challenges and solutions

Audio interactivity: Develop mechanisms that allow players to use their voices to solve puzzles and interact with the world around them.

Universal access: Create a system that adapts to different vocal ranges and skills of the players.

Intuitive user interface: Offers a smooth and intuitive interaction between audio input and game elements.



One Hand Clapping was an innovative title in the world of adventure games and was praised for its originality and captivating gameplay. The game shows how technology can expand the boundaries of traditional gameplay and offer players new and unique opportunities to interact with the game world.

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Technologies that we use

We use the latest tools that have proven themselves in our work.

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