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Development of a children's puzzle - Benua

  • Project's budget

    $ 16,923

  • Time spent on the project

    4 months

  • Implementation date


Development of a children's puzzle - Benua person person
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BENOIS SCHOOL is an additional education for children from two years old. Located in St. Petersburg, in the picturesque Benois Garden on Tikhoretsky Prospekt. The purpose of developmental activities for children is to help parents form a comprehensively developed personality of the child. The mission is the harmonious development of children in a cognitive and comfortable environment. The purpose of the application and development of the puzzle is to develop children's attention, logic and imaginative thinking, using the BENOIT legend and their characters.

Goals and objectives of the project


Develop a coloring book for young children within the Benua universe for Apple tablets


Create a convenient and functional editor for creating children's colorful puzzles for apple tablets

About company

Cultural space "Benois 1890" - a new life for a forest dairy farm Yu.Yu. Benoit. Today "Benois 1890" includes:

Children's Center for Additional Education "Benois".

Project "Benuariki": publication of children's books, production of goods and souvenirs, production of an animated series with the heroes of the magical land of Benuarii.

Holding various events: exhibitions, festivals, quests, etc.

Shop and online store "Benoit's shop".

Mobile application "Benois 1890" using augmented reality technology.

Family restaurant "Farm Benois".


Project team members

  • Alexey Naryzhny

    Alexey Naryzhny

    Project Manager

  • Alena Kravchenko

    Alena Kravchenko

    2D Artist

  • Alexander Ruban

    Alexander Ruban

    Front Developer Unity

  • Murkovich Bogdan

    Murkovich Bogdan

    PHP developer

Technologies used in the project


Mobile coloring development

A project created for children from two to five years old who spend time in the Benua restaurant and children's recreation area. Bright, juicy and colorful - this is how our team saw this coloring book. A user-friendly interface, clear navigation and a key skill are the favorite heroes of the country of Benoir. As planned, the application was installed on apple tablets, distributed to children in the form of active games and awarded in case of victory!

draw beny awards

Mobile puzzle development

We have developed a convenient and functional editor for creating children's colorful puzzles for apple tablets. Due to the flexible administrative panel and the functionality written by us, it is enough to overlay a 2D image on a special filter and specify the number of pieces for the puzzle. Convenient, simple and fast.


What tasks were set at the start of the project?

Develop interactive coloring and puzzles in Benoit's signature style. The product turned out to be of high quality, the children are satisfied.

What was the most difficult part of the project?

Implement sensitive coloring in the Unity engine, taking into account multi-touch. But we did it.



We made two games for the children's room of the Benois Farm restaurant. Delivered on time, without delays and jambs! I recommend! Guys are pros!

Thank you for your work!