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Development of a mobile educational game School of Smarties # #

Development of a mobile educational game

School of Smarties

  • Project's budget

    $ 123,076

  • Time costs

    12 months

  • Implementation date

    2020 year

Game description

Smart School is a mobile application for the comprehensive development and education of children from 2 to 7 years old according to a full-fledged educational program. Interesting lessons and games to consolidate knowledge. We learn to read letters (alphabet), numbers, we learn to read, count and write, draw, we develop speech. “School of Smarties” is an excellent preparation for school!

Objective of the project

Create a children's educational application for school preparation.

Benefits of the project

"School of Smarties" is educational lessons, games for children, puzzles, coloring books that develop creativity, speech development, the alphabet and much more! In a variety of systems of teaching the game has always been given and is given a special place. And this is explained by the fact that the game is very consonant with the nature of the child. The game for him is not just an interesting pastime, but a way of modeling the adult world, its relationships, acquiring communication experience and new knowledge.

# To the site#

admin panel

Perhaps the most voluminous admin panel in the ten years of our studio's existence. Hundreds, and possibly thousands of parameters and settings. In fact, with the help of such an administrative panel, you can create games inside the application, assembling them as a constructor.



The application is written in Unity, the site is in vue.js + laravel, the entire backend is in php + mysql:


Project team

  • Kaputaev Andrey

    Kaputaev Andrey

    Project manager

  • Tanchuk Daria

    Tanchuk Daria


  • Error Ivan

    Error Ivan

    3D Models

  • Nezolenko Andrey

    Nezolenko Andrey

    3D animation designer

  • Veligursky Alexander

    Veligursky Alexander

    Unity C# programmer

  • Ruban Alexander

    Ruban Alexander

    Unity C# programmer

  • Maxim Zhylenkov

    Maxim Zhylenkov

    web programmer

  • Temirbiyev Temirlan

    Temirbiyev Temirlan



Each screen was worked out by a UX/UI artist on a prototype to improve usability. After lengthy approvals, the prototype came to life in color. All art also passed the stage of rough work. For convenience, hover over the prototype.

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Screen map


Graphics Features

My room is isometric. We animated 3D models, after rendering we formed a texture atlas and cut them into gif images at the right angle. This technology is called pseudo 3D, or isometry. It looks like 3D - but in fact, just pictures. The main game background is made in the form of a long map along which the user's screen moves.

11 mini games inside

Inside our application, the main game mechanics are collected, such as coloring, puzzles, sorting, assemble a structure, choose the right option and recipes. Select the mechanic you want to see.

  • Arrange in order

  • Draw a letter

  • Choose a card

  • Assemble the structure

  • Restore the row

  • Connect with a line

  • Moving

  • Coloring

  • Regulations

  • Assemble the puzzle

  • Write a letter

# # # # # # # # # # #

The reward system was chosen as the main motivation for teaching children. Daily gifts, personal achievements, rewards, the ability to personalize the game for the child, fully equipping his playroom the way he likes (almost like in The Sims).

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Baby room

In the school of smarties, you can create your own children's room. Almost any element can be edited - windows, doors, floors, furniture, animals. To increase interest - animals need to be fed and cared for. The mechanics are taken from the popular game about Tom the kitten.



A full-fledged play store with its own currency allows children to equip their personal room the way they want. Buy, sell - learn to count. Children quickly understand what they can spend the received in-game currency for training on.


We have also developed a website.

An exact copy of the mobile application in the web version - we have developed a full-fledged website. From the filling: Personal account of the parent and child, tariffs and payment, choice of training program, referral program.

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  • Result

    Perhaps this is the largest project in the CIS aimed at educating children. The scale and number of game mechanics is simply amazing. We wish prosperity and a bright future to this project, as well as to all its small users.

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Describe the main functionality of the project?

The project is divided into a mobile application, an administrative panel and a website. The main, big task is to synchronize all data, while it should also work in offline mode when the child does not have the Internet. In total, there are twelve mini-games inside the application, a personal account, monetization elements, lessons and a full-fledged learning system, a game room. Perhaps this is the most functional children's educational project of all that we have seen on the application market.

What can you learn at the Smart School?

Depending on the age of the child, these can be Fairy tales, the World around, Creativity, Sensory, Mathematics, Writing and reading, Speech development, Erudite, English and much more.

Customer feedback


Sozvezdie LLC thanks the Crocoapps team for the excellent work on developing a CRM system for a network of children's clubs.

Project manager Gordonov R.S.

2020 year