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Разработка тайм киллера «Приключения Банана»

Development of the time killer "Banana Adventures"

Project's budget

$ 16,666

Time spent on the project

4 months

Year of project development


Project description

Continuation of the legendary saga about the adventure of a banana. The villain kidnapped the beautiful bride of our hero and hid her, leaving all sorts of traps and obstacles. The brave banana went on an exciting journey to meet the trials. Classic time-killer, complete with colorful environments. Make decisions, choose the best options for passing the game and save the beautiful bride!


Develop an engaging storyline

A full-time scriptwriter and a game designer at Crocoapps create game universes.

Draw juicy graphics

Artists with graphic tablets draw and create, not copy and take from the Internet.

Program code

The programmers have developed a game level editor, tied to the general logic of the project.

The composition of the project team


Alena Kravchenko

2D artist


Aleksey Naryzhny

Project Manager


Sergey Shkarubsky



Daria Udovenko

Game Designer


Vladislav Saveliev

PHP developer


Alexander Ruban

Unity developer


Yuri Klimentyev

Unity developer


Yaroslav Boev

Unity developer


In the course of development, we selected the optimal set of tools, thanks to which we managed to complete the tasks of the client and significantly reduce the time:


The working process

Creation and development of character image

A playable character must have a soul! It is important not only to draw a character, but also to give him life - emotions, mood, facial expressions. We have worked out different options: from comical to serious.


Development of locations and interactive elements

Development of locations and interactive elements

# # # # #

UI development

Our team always prepares several interface options so that the customer can choose the one he likes. For the Banana project, a total of over 200 different icons and bangles were designed.

Screensaver options


Interface options

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The project turned out to be colorful and bright, cheerful and with an interesting ending - this is exactly how our game designer Pavel Salnikov conceived it. In 2019, the project was nominated in the Golden Application 2019 section.



What challenges did you face in implementing the project?

The game was made in modules, essentially editable brick blocks, from which it is convenient to assemble levels later.

How would you rate your team's work on the project?

Pavel Salnikov, game designer answers: In general, we worked 9 out of 10. The main thing is well-coordinated, fast. There were hiccups with testing, the main tester on the project caught pneumonia, while they found a replacement, while they brought it up to date, but otherwise he was satisfied with the work of the team.

Are there any nuances in the development of mobile time killers?

New Banana Adventure is our fifth mobile time-killer - this allows us to develop similar projects in the shortest possible time. We have taken into account the accumulated experience and now we do not make past mistakes.

Customer feedback

Of course, we are flattered when the customer is satisfied with the results of cooperation. This means that we were able to bring his ideas to life:

"Thanks to Crocoapps for developing my project. Together we came out with a colorful, juicy and fun application, in 2019 we received the Editor's Choice label. Of course, I am satisfied with the cooperation”


Abolikhin E. A.